Written by Abiola Falusi

For a long time, when people asked me what my cloth size was, I’d say to them I wear a UK cloth size 10. Truthfully, I had been a size 10 for five years and this was because I hadn’t really changed my wardrobe; and so my clothes had somehow grown with me. So, sometime in December, during the sales season, I did some online shopping on ASOS and ordered so many lovely items only to end of having to give them out after realizing I have since moved up to a size 12 for my upper body and  size 14 bottoms…(Sobs).

This was a moment of reawakening for me. Together with some friends, I made a commitment to loose 10kg with the aim of dropping back to cloth size 10. And this was how I began my journey to a healthy life style. Unlike some people who make this commitment just to be healthy, mine was so I could fit into my newly purchased ASOS outfits.

Since faith is not effective without works; I have intentionally taken up some resolutions to back up my faith that I will fit into my new clothes very soon. Below are my new resolutions to a healthy lifestyle.

  • I joined a gym: In January I registered in a gym that is a 5 minutes’ walk from my house. I promised to put in at least 2 hours session per day. Have I kept to that promise? Well, you be the judge of that, because right now I am reconsidering my membership. (Please don’t judge me, lol)
  • I drank more water: I am one of those who find drinking water pretty hard. To spice things up, I got big water bottle and I add lemon slices for flavour. I take this in my bag all day easy peasy.
  • I began eating right: To compliment my healthy lifestyle journey, green vegetables became regular features in my meals. I also went a step further and a smoothie maker. With interesting and easy to make smoothie recipes available online, I now enjoy different kinds of smoothies. You should join me.
  • I signed up for keeping fit initiatives: In the past, I enjoyed sitting it out at charity campaigns but with my new healthy lifestyle resolution, I have decided to partake in physical activities to support charity campaigns. For example, the recent 15kms Walkathon, which honestly left me numb for days. Then there was the Walk for Cancer, Walk for a Child Limb, and others. The recent #30 Days Challenge has really tested my willpower as there is always an unhealthy feast in my office which I’m consciously always missing out on. I must stay the course.
  • A new diet plan: I am sure by now you either think I’m some hobo or dropped down to a size 6. I wish! My reality is far from the targeted goal, I still tried on some of the outfits and I have only lost a staggering 4Kg. Now I’m considering the Forever C9 or Cambridge diet. Have you tried any of these diet plans? How is it working out? I’ll appreciate your reviews and advise in the comment box below please.


By now you must know that my long road back to size 10 is nowhere ended. However, I am determined to stay healthy and sexy whilst at it.

How has your journey been? Did you complete The Elevation Church 30 Day health Challenge? Diligently? Or did you struggle with saying ‘NO’ to those chocolate bars and other unhealthy foods? I am curious to hear your story, I could learn a thing a two to help me look picture perfect for my August vacation #HelpASister.






  1. June 29, 2016

    Nice to read this, very real and and embodies all the usual challenges that is faced when trying to make changes to one’s lifestyle. Not the usual perfect plan you read everywhere. Very refreshing

  2. June 29, 2016

    Oh well, I am waiting for the advices to roll in cos I’ve got belly fat to contend with.
    I attempted d 30days challenge by cutting off carbonated drinks but “eating nothg cooked before noon and after 7pm” has bin impossible plus “staying off everything white?” If I cut out rice n bread, wat else is there to eat? And off dairy means no milk for Cereal, oath or even tea?
    Mehn, d challenge is very challenging.

  3. June 29, 2016

    Weightless is one of the Hardest things, thank you so much for this. People need to know everyone’s journey is different even if you start and stop many times it doesn’t matter. As long as you pick yourself up and decide to do something.

    There other things you can do to help loose weight. You don’t have to sign up for the gym. You can just buy a skipping rope and use, it’s really good cardio.

    Eating healthy is the main issue. I know in Nigeria it is hard because we just have rice everywhere. Try and avoid it and if you do have to eat it. Just eat really small. I hope this helps God bless x

    • July 10, 2016

      Whaoo thanks Tope .. Indeed everyone’s journey is indeed different. I will sure try to stay off rice or at least minimize quantity for now! Xoxo

  4. June 30, 2016

    This is soo funny. So u started ur weight loss journey cos of clothes.. Something has to gear one up though. I started mine with d Cambridge diet, gym, eating right and taking long walks 5kms every evening. Try the walks its give u time to meditate, pray and unwind… God’s speed to us all

  5. June 30, 2016

    Sisterly, you are not alone oh; the struggle to live healthy is not easy, I bought a skipping rope since January & have only used it twice. (Covers face)

    • July 10, 2016

      @Lynda les struggle is real… Hope u achieve ur target goal.

  6. July 16, 2016

    The struggle is real, my sister. I’m reading this after skipping my fitness session with my estate group. Lord help me. One of my biggest struggles is taking water. My challenge is taking even up to 4 cups of water per day. It’s that bad but I will try to change.

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