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We have been studying and discussing on the life of Job who is our Bible character in the maturity school course (understanding spiritual warfare) under the tutelage of Pastor TJ and Pastor Tim. I had an experience on Tuesday 9.03.2021 as regards taking your stand in the face of temptations in which my testimony is based on.


I work in a financial institution and we are presently doing an auction of some assets in my company where some stakeholders bid for the assets. A customer came to me and said he was ready to give me 2 bags of rice and the sum of N50,000 cash instantly only if I can facilitate his winning the bidding process of one of the assets. Another customer within the space of 3hours also said he was ready to give me an open cheque of whatsoever amount I want to write if he too wins the bidding.


I want to thank God that in the face of all these temptations, I was able to say No. I told them to go and follow the due process and they might be lucky they win the bid. Even though Job was tempted and went through trials and tribulations, he never caused God. Through the spirit and wisdom of God, I was able to take my stand to say No. Others may but I cannot.


Praise God!