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Whether you’re navigating a difficult season, seeking to learn more about God or the Bible, or looking for help in a practical area of your life, you’ll find dedicated teachers and insightful content that will equip you to do life better.

Growing in intimacy with God ‐ practice of a closer walk with God

To help participants grow in their knowledge of God, becoming more aware of who He is, what he desires and how He operates. To help participants start (or improve the pace of) their closer walk with God based on a deep understanding of God's desire to be a constant and ever abiding presence in their lives, where there are no separations between their sacred and secular lives.

  • Introduction - I want to be closer to God and hear God more
  • Can I be a friend of God?
  • Understanding the universal presence - the protocol of His Presence
  • A constantly speaking voice - hearing God is a lifelong experience
  • The gaze of the soul - becoming more like Jesus
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Growing in Faith to Know God More

To help participants grow in their knowledge of God, becoming more aware of who He is, what he desires and how He operates. To help participants understand, internalize, and practice the spiritual disciplines that facilitate their spiritual maturity growth process in their journey to know more about God, and enjoy more richer fellowship with Him.

  • Introduction - I want to know God More
  • Knowing God through His Word
  • Knowing God through Fellowship (Prayer)
  • Knowing God through Discipline (Fasting)
  • Knowing God through Worship
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The Blessed Life ‐ How to build an abundance mindset

To help participants gain perspective and insights that help them to experience the dimensions of God in their everyday situations and circumstances in their journeys to gaining freedom and discovering purpose. To help participants gain freedom from a scarcity mindset and discover that God is their source as they journey through life to fulfil His purposes.

  • Introduction - What is the blessed life? What does it look like?
  • Things holding you back from an abundance mindset.
  • We need a mind shift - I must stop focusing on me.
  • The Abundance Mindset - The Definition
  • The Abundance Mindset - The Examples
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Leading from where you are ‐ Making a difference in the world around you

To help participants gain understanding of how to partner with God through ministry and missions to make impact within Gods family and in the world. To help participants to understand to make a difference in the world around them, all they have to do is to obey Christ's instruction for believers to be the salt and light of the world.

  • Introduction - Who is a leader? What is leadership?
  • Case Study on Jesus
  • Case Study on Esther, Daniel, Joseph & Nehemiah
  • Case Study on David - a model of theocratic leadership
  • Case Study on Unconventional leaders
  • Case Study on Growing Leaders - Early Church Leaders
  • Conclusion - Now I know what it means to lead from where I am, what next?
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Fasting Essentials

Fasting is one of the most popular spiritual disciplines. It is one of the most critical tools for destiny fulfilment available to every believer. In our 21st century world, it's easy to lose the meaning and true essence of fasting because the concept now has many other uses in the secular world. Also, even within the church, fasting for some has become one of the many activities we do to fulfil all righteousness.
Fasting is more than that! It is an intensely spiritual exercise in which we deny our body (and senses) its physical (and sensual) needs to redirect our focus to God. It is a gateway to the supernatural; when we fast, we position ourselves in a more receptive mode to receive from God.

  • The meaning and purposes of fasting
  • The benefits of fasting, and
  • The approaches to fasting (focusing on people new to fasting or coming back fasting after a long break).

At the end of our discussion of fasting, we trust God that every participant will have a renewed hunger to engage God in this unique way to unlock the new levels He has prepared for us in our year of emergence.

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Contagious Christianity: School of Evangelism

Matt 16: 15 He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.
Pro 11:30: The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and the one who is wise saves lives.
School of Evangelism aims to teach principles and practical ways of evangelism. We are all evangelists being led by the Holy Spirit to impact others by becoming a contagious Christian. Class activities will include Discussions, personality test, role plays, video views, interview with experienced soul winners etc to give us incite on how to communicate God's message.

  • Principles of evangelism
  • Becoming a contagious Christian; Being yourself and impacting others. The how, when, where and why with benefits
  • Communicating God's message : Character study and Field Trip with Mission team / zones
  • Digital Missions
  • Prayer and follow up of new converts
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