Daily Devotionals to keep your spirit charged and take you to the next level

7days with Holy spirit

These devotionals provide a reference point for the believer to learn more about the Person of the Holy Spirit. Choose a quite spot as you book your appointments with the Holy Spirit – get your bible, pen and notebook ready. This will surely be the beginning of an incredible journey with the Holy Spirit.


Be an Inspiration!

These devotionals are a starting point, as you try and share your faith with people you meet. Use the stories or be inspired to share your personal stories with those you encounter. Read through the bible passages and be strengthened within.


Healthy Relationship

These devotionals will help you critically examine all the relationship around you, with the aim of improving them. You can use them in any order you prefer or just go through them sequentially.
In order to get optimal results, read through all the passages of scripture and spend time meditating on them – choose a quiet place.