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The Seeds is the children Ministry of The Elevation Church.
Teenz Nation is the Teens Ministry of The Elevation Church
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The mission of Elevate 200 (E-200) is:

“To successfully guide and elevate the less privileged in the society towards the love, hope and divine purpose of God for their lives”.

We pursue this mission through:
  • Spiritual formation and mind revolution (Matthew 6:33)
  • Guidance in discovering purpose, building capacity and deploying potentials.
  • Empowerment with skills and tools of trade.
  • Mentorship on the path to becoming productive members of the society.
Worship Service

E200 worship service holds 7:30am-9:00am every Sunday at Pistis Annex, 3 Remi Olowude Street, Lekki, Lagos. We feed children after every service as a matter of priority while our welfare program ensures every adult in need is adequately supported with food stuffs and clothing as the case may be.

Soup Kitchen

Soup kitchen is the annual Elevation Church mega outreach event to the less privileged people in the society. It’s a party event that holds 26th of December every year with thousands of people in attendance and loads of gifts to share. These gifts are usually regular freewill donations by members of the Elevation Church throughout the year.


E200 offers kingdom investment opportunities along any of the following 4 core pathways:

  1. Education: Scholarships for talented children up to tertiary school levels.
  2. Medical: Critical health care support to the vulnerable; which they are otherwise unable to afford.
  3. Skill Acquisition: Vocational skills training and creating opportunities for self-sufficiency.
  4. Business & Employment: Facilitating access to finance and/or connecting graduates of the Skill Acquisition Program with employers of labour.
Mrs Esther Omiduyin

I am grateful to E200 for the support being granted my grandson David Awosika whose school fees has been paid by E200 for a while now (over one year). I am really grateful and I appreciate what God has done through E200. May God bless you all

Mrs Funmilayo Afuye

E200 has been very supportive to my family and I. My daughter’s husband absconded some years back, my daughter also left for Ado, leaving their two kids without support for their education. I cried to the E200 and one of the members paid my grandchild’s fees in the first term after which E200 commenced payment for both my grand kids. Its been over a year now. I know that if my grand kids are educated, they will take care of me in future. I am grateful to E200 and I pray that the almighty God will continually bless the pastorate and members. You will all make heaven in Jesus name.

Fatai Tiamuyu

I was a Muslim and converted to Christianity in 2012 when a pastor from E200 ministered to me whilst I was drinking at a joint. Since then, I gave my life to Christ and stopped being an alcoholic. As a result, I have been able to gather my children together into one united family and I have never missed church since then. Since I joined E200, I have been empowered in several ways and became a supervisor at my place of work. My son also got admission into Babcock University. I thank God for E200 and the role they have played in my life. May God bless E200

Sis Lawumi

Praise the Lord God! I thank God Almighty for His faithfulness and goodness. I lost my job late last year. I was sad at first but then I encouraged myself in the Lord like David. I prayed for God’s will to be done in my life and asked God to provide me with a better job without having to beg anyone for anything. I saw a job vacancy online and felt the Spirit of God nudge me to apply. A week later, an international firm invited me for a series of interviews. God showed me divine favour during the interviews which I passed well. I was offered the job and resumed the following month. The new job has better work conditions and pay compared to the job I lost! Praise God!


Financial partners committedly give cash – monthly, quarterly, biannually or annually – towards their preferred pathway(s).

In-kind partners usually admit talented students into their schools; provide skill acquisition training free of charge or at discounted prices; and facilitate the employment of graduates of the Skill Acquisition Program.

To partner with E200 please send a message using the form below.

E200 FAQs

E200 is an acronym for Elevate 200, a ministry outreach arm of The Elevation Church (TEC).

No. It is the arm tasked with the responsibility to cater for the less privileged in the society.

E200 caters for 6 strategic areas/ needs that are being addressed by TEC. For ease of management, they have been tagged “Six Empowerment Pathways” which include:

  • Education
  • Skills Acquisition
  • Medical
  • Rehabilitation
  • Home-Shelter
  • Business Development

Inquire and fill a Partnership form at the information desk of TEC on any Sunday stating your preferred area of support, the frequency and the amount.

Yes you can. You can also select all Six Empowerment Pathways or as you prefer.

We welcome contributions both in cash and kind (through voluntary service) to any of the Empowerment Pathways earlier listed.

    Your can redeem your pledge through the following ways;

    • During TEC services via cash, cheque or POS terminals. When using POS terminals, clearly indicate that your payment is in redemption of your E200 partnership pledge.
    • Via online transfers, You can make a standing order with your bank or make a direct transfer to E200 account.

Yes. E200 account with GT Bank account details as seen below.
Bank Name: GT Bank
Account Name: ELEVATE 200
Account Number: 0019827644

Yes. After clearly indicating your Name and the Amount, also state the period you are redeeming for, on the envelope. Also ensure to tick the E200 box on the Envelope or write E200 partner in front of the envelope to aid our records.

You may kindly send an SMS to 0700ELEVATE (3538283)

Kindly send an SMS to 0700ELEVATE (3538283)

Yes of course; kindly send us an email and SMS to the above mentioned details and we would assist you in this regard.


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