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The Seeds is the children Ministry of The Elevation Church.
Teenz Nation is the Teens Ministry of The Elevation Church
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Our Mission is to make Greatness common through our service to God

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Service Units

Ministry Team

We manage the flow of people in and out of various church auditoriums. We also maintain security and provide surveillance services within and outside the auditoriums before, during and after church services.
We create a beautiful service experience by producing wonderful video and audio coverage materials of all the programs in church. We are also responsible for the television ministry of The Elevation Church and for live streaming of events.
The Data management team is solely in charge of managing the database of the church. We process guest information data and also maintain an up-to-date database of the entire church. We ensure that every member is more than a number.
Our Guest Welcome team handles guest welcome and ensures that each guest has a wonderful experience while our Greeters are stationed at the entrances before and after our Sunday services to welcome guests and members to church.
We ensure that order is maintained during worship services. Our smiling faces give the church a welcoming and inviting atmosphere, especially to first timers.
We believe that service experience begins from the car park, so we ensure to create beautiful experiences by ensuring free flow of vehicular traffic during the services for ease of movement. We handle the parking of cars within the car park and also carry out surveillance in and around the car park during services.
We believe that our members should get access to all resources that they need whether spiritual or not. We exist to execute this mission. We are in charge of the duplication and sales of the audio and visual messages preached in Church. We ensure production and sales as well as ensuring that all archives of the message are retrievable and made available when necessary.
We oversee the church facilities ensuring they are in good condition, whilst carrying out health and safety checks as well as creating a clean and presentable environment for all services. Our duties range from maintenance of equipment and facilities (both in and outside the church auditoriums).
We have a passion to reach the lost and the incarcerated by reaching out to inmates of prison communities with the good news of Jesus Christ. We show the prisoners love, give them hope and help to restore their lives. We also empower them by offering legal services and guidance.
Our unit provide legal counselling to church members who cannot afford legal services and pro bono advisory services at our legal clinics.
Our mission is to minister God’s word and the message of hope by providing informational resource materials to enhance awareness and communication. Our flagship publication is the Elev8 Magazine and Family Matters Magazine.
The Social Media team helps connect the church promotes all the church activities through the various social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and the Church website. We handle the live tweets of services and events.
E200 is a community impact initiative of the Elevation Church. Our passion is for the poor and broken. Our mission is assisting the less privileged members of our community, by empowering them spiritually and physically through the word of God and consistent mentorship. We teach over 200 local community members every Sunday, helping them discover hope, love and purpose in Christ Jesus.
The Unit is tasked with helping church members develop employability skills for the workplace, aid in job search, interview preparation, career counselling and interventions, foster and build workplace suitability, enhance growth in the work place and promote skill diversity.

Maturity Team

We believe that prayer and intercession is very important and so we provide a prayer cover for the church and its events as well as creating  an environment where everyone can build their prayer lives. Our mission is to get everyone praying as prayer is the master key. We meet to pray on Saturdays and on Sundays before services.
We provide counselling to members of the Church who are in need of such after the each service every Sunday and at any other time as required.
We are Scribes; focused on maturing believers to be deeply rooted in Christ mainly through our writings. So we develop specialized devotionals, connect outlines, topical gazette of different spiritual content for spiritual growth and development of members of the unit and TEC at large.

Membership Team

We coordinate the church’s efforts to meet the sustenance needs of members including feeding, clothing and basic health needs.

Worship Team

We are a family of singers, musicians and artistes with a passion for God and music. We express our love for God through different genres of music. At every service, we lead the church into God’s presence through inspired praise and worship.

Junior Church and Teens

We teach the word of God in a fun and child-friendly environment. The classes are structured according to age and all our teachers have some experience with the different age groups.
We are responsible for teaching and engaging the teenagers in the Elevation Church. We teach them the word of God and life skills, helping them to become responsible adults.
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