Who Do You Call?

“For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved” Romans 10:13
One of the policies of Heaven is restoration. And this is borne out of God not wanting any soul to perish, that He made salvation available for all who call on His name. God desires that souls are saved and receive the benefits of salvation which are mercy, grace, favour, direction, increase, love and every other good thing.
If you have never had the opportunity to believe in God and accept Jesus as your Lord and saviour, now is the chance to be a candidate of God’s love and mercy. Say this prayer, “Dear Lord, I come to you and declare before you and the hosts of heaven that I surrender my whole life to you! I desire what you desire for me and I pledge to be an instrument of restoration in my generation. Take me, use me and mould me to everything you want in Jesus name I pray. Amen.”
You have become a candidate of Heaven and your responsibility as its representative is to carry this good news everywhere you go. Enjoy a wonderful day!

Confession: I shall call upon the name of the Lord and so shall I be saved in Jesus name!

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