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Road to De-mask Us


I am the guy you see all dressed up and arrayed with fine clothings. That flashy car is mine, you see that beautiful house and a lovely family? They belong to me too. But, I am also that hooded guy you see all bent and weighed down with worries of fear and pain wishing that life could be better than it is right now.

I’m the lady you see with the rosy cheeks on a lively face, laughing eyes, bouncy hair and flowing gaits. I seem to have the whole world at my command. But, I am also that lady covered with shame and sorrow. My pillows soaked at night as I think of the unbearable pain I go through and wishing that life could be better than it is right now.

How long can I hide it, I paint false pictures and pretend that everything is well. My friends and family have no inkling of what I go through.
Stop… I can hear what God is saying to me,

“For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God”.

Yes, I am His child, specially crafted and made for His pleasure. I am nothing less of what God has declared; beautiful, wonderfully and fearfully made, I am like HIM, led by His Spirit, conquering my world, lighting up the darkness, building cities.

It is time to take my masks off and stay true to who I am because God loves me and He has given to me all that pertains to life.

I can and I will let go of the coverings and let my light shine.

Written by Udochi Anokwu

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Thanks for the wonderful piece! Its important to remember who we in the midst of life challenges

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