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My Body, His Temple


Do you know you are a temple of God and that the spirit of God dwells in you? – 1 Corinthians 3:16-17


It was a Sunday morning. At about 6am, JÒke’s phone rang, and she could not ignore it because she had one of those very loud ringtones, she rolled over and stretched to pick the phone from her nightstand. It was Jane, her friend of over 30 years and she wondered why Jane was calling this early on a Sunday morning when she’s still struggling to get out of bed to take a shower, as she was ushering in the first service that morning.


Jane: Babes what’s up? Please can you come and drive me to the hospital? I feel so sick and there’s no one in the house to take me …the frail calm voice of Jane on the other side of the phone.


JÒke tactfully suggested another friend and wiggled her way out of going over to Jane’s house


JÒke: Sorry dear, I’m sure it’s just malaria, have you taken any medication? I’m ushering in first service today and would only be available after service, I’ll call Efe to take you, I’m sure she’s probably home doing nothing. I’ll be at yours after service.


Jane: Okay


…and both ladies ended the call.


At some point in our life, we must have been a JÒke (the western Nigerian name not the English word Joke), maybe not in this exact scenario, but in fixing our focus more on the physical temple (church building) rather than the moving breathing, feeling temple (humans) that need us more.


I can imagine how diligent we will be if put in charge of a church building, we would ensure it is cleaned, well-lit and arranged before and after every service, while ignoring the parts that form the body of Christ which is you and I, and everyone around us. Every believer must have used this statement “my body is the temple of God” at some point; but how well do you know this temple? How much do you care for it? I’m not just talking physical care (which should also be taken seriously) but spiritually; do you lean on Christ your maker, structural engineer and foundation? Ever seen an unstable foundation that keeps going down and the building keeps sinking until it disappears, don’t be that building.


It’s time to come into a full understanding of how important it is to be God’s temple, clothed in majesty and strength. When this happens, there will be a shift in how you conduct and care for yourself and other living temples around you. Love will be visible in all your actions, hatred washed away, and health of mind and body restored.


As the world goes through the Covid-19 pandemic; this is a time to reflect the love of God; a time to build up other living temples whose foundation may be shaking; a time to encourage, support and care for one another. It’s time to renew our minds and live our lives as the temple of God; it’s time to shine as God’s masterpiece.


Written by Vera Okobi



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Comments (1)

Flesh and blood didn’t reveal this to you, Vera.

This is a this is such a timely piece filled with timeless truth.

I will be intentional about taking care of this temple, my body.

I have no doubt that God specifically inspired you to release those clear instructions in the concluding part of the article. We need to keep building the human temples around us.

I have been fallen short in taking care of myself, I will start getting ‘selfish’ about my temple.

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