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Sometimes, I ask my kids random questions just to hear what goes on in their minds, and what they say (as they are both toddlers) literally cracks me up. So today I pulled aside the “bigger sister” to ask a seemingly simple question. Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: Do you love your sister?

Bigger sister: Yes mama, I love her sooooo much (with a big smile and arms spread wide)

Me: Why do you love her soooo much?

Bigger sister: I love her because Jesus healed me

In our home, we talk about healing from the Lord for all the scratches and bruises that the kids get every now and then. A band aid there and a simple prayer of healing is how we do it, but we’ve never spoken of healing and love in the same sentence. Her response really got me thinking about how much we are loved by God. He loves us soooo much that He sent Jesus to die for our sins, our diseases, and our sicknesses. He did all of that just for us! If we really understand the depth of this love, a truly sacrificial love, oh my, what a difference it would make. The only other way I’ve experienced anything close to this love was when I first laid eyes on my new-born baby. The love and joy that filled my heart was so overwhelming and indescribable! Now imagine how great and deep the love of God is for us? I believe it would make it much easier for us to love others if we think about others the way God thinks about us – like His children.


Efe is a talent of sorts with an insatiable appetite for knowledge.
She loves listening to podcasts and creating unique works of art with her brilliant kids.

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