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LovingItis: Tune in to love

Loving: Present continuous tense for love.

Synonyms: affectionate, fond, devoted, adoring, amorous, doting, tender, caring…


Itis: Medical term for inflammation.

Synonyms: redness, hotness, burning, heat, stinging, soreness, pain…


Sentence: Doctor, errmmmm… it looks like I have lovingitis. My heart is tickling me, there are butterflies in my stomach and I cannot explain how I feel or why I feel this way.

(For the purpose of this article)


I love love; it is really a safe and happy place when it is genuine. My nephew (3-year-old) has a friend (5-year-old girl); whenever she comes around, they spend the whole afternoon playing. One day, I saw her and informed her that he was going to come that afternoon. To my greatest surprise, she smiled, swirled and hid her face; she was obviously happy and shy at the same time. Habaaaa… simply because of a little boy? That day, I realized that anyone could contract the lovingitis disease; you just decide what/who you choose to love.


Yes, Love. You can spell it L-O-V-E or even pronounce it like me LO-O-HOVE…


Love is beautiful, daunting, and stronger than any force you can think of.

How else can you explain the loud laughter (especially at jokes that are not so funny) or the tears (when it is not you that is injured) that happens to us when we choose to share our heart? That is LOVE.

How else can you explain the longing, when you have not seen or heard from someone for a while? That is LOVE.

How else can you explain the actions of a mother? She endures the pain of childbirth, screaming and crying one moment; but after giving birth, she starts smiling and singing the next moment. Can this be what we call “suffering and smiling” in our local parlance? The answer is no, it is LOVE.

How else can you explain the fact that some people who keep pets, allow them to sleep on the same bed with them? For the life of me, I cannot; I am so scared of dogs; like, how will I even sleep with a dog beside me? That is LOVE.

How else can you explain, God sending his only begotten son, to die so I can be his friend? Wait did it just cross your mind that this is the most common Bible verse, nah! It is not common; it is the truth. It is LOVE.

How else can you explain this, the creator of the universe who actually has everything; looking out for a little girl like me? Unworthy of his love, sometimes I wonder… “how does God cope with a noncompliant child like me?” He must really love me, I believe. Sometimes it can be difficult for me to put up with me. Hey, you too! Nevertheless, He does not give up, He never will. That is LOVE.


1 Corinthians 13:4-6 (Message translation) says:

Love never gives up.
Love cares more for others than for self.
Love does not want what it does not have.
Love doesn’t strut,
Doesn’t have a swelled head,
Doesn’t force itself on others,
Isn’t always “me first,”
Doesn’t fly off the handle,
Doesn’t keep score of the sins of others.


I want to emphasize on “LOVE NEVER GIVES UP” another translation puts it as “LOVE IS PATIENT”.

Recently, I learned that patience is a key ingredient if you want to tune your love up. If you think you were patient, put it to test by embracing love. You may be shocked that you are not as patient as you think. However, patience is a virtue (asset) that can be acquired. Here are some steps to groom your patience:


  1. Talk Less: Do not be quick to talk or draw conclusions. Sometimes, silence is key. It is better to listen and hear the next person out before drawing conclusions.


  1. Tolerate: Make room and excuses for people. Personally, I would recommend learning and understanding that everyone is flawed, agreed that some flaws are more prominent.


  1. Critic: Do not be too quick to judge: Let he who has no sin be the first to cast a stone. Therefore, do not close out on people because of their mistakes and until you wear their shoes do not judge them.


  1. Easy-Going- Do not be set in your ways. Set standards but be teachable and allow people to have access to your heart.


  1. Be kind: Kindness sweeps away impatience. You cannot practice kindness without patience.


  1. Forgive: Yes, the hurt has been done. It is better to let go, learn all the lessons but do not bear the burden of unforgiveness.

Finally, mirror God’s character; there is no better example of love and patience than God who is love personified. So, in this season of love, choose to love and show it. Do not be intimidated by the society’s interpretation of love. Go ahead and show love to ANYBODY today.  “Wahala for who no get love”.


Written by Udochi Anokwu

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