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Another Psalm – Dear God, This is to You

When I sense demons gather on the perimeter of my bliss.

When I get the feeling that something grave is headed my way.

When I’m facing knives at every twist and turn.

When one by one my tears are come.


When little by large my healing vanishes.

I am like a tree, ridden of all her leaves and branches.

Here I am, vulnerable and naked.

I have become target practice to the pleasure of my enemies.


When on my last trip, I failed again to see God,

For my beloved high has lost its teleporting prowess.

When the thought of coke breezes through my mind,

I hope I remember it’s all vanity and the bliss I crave from it, I wouldn’t find.


For I would desperately need another hit,

Without the misery that’s sure to come after.

Turns out they are not that magical,

I mean my Gin and Marijuana.


I feel it no more, the comfort in Laura’s embrace,

Something has changed. I’m sorry, I can’t promise it’s not hate.

Oh great, there’s the ugly Masquerade again.

Dancing towards me, laughing at my shame.


And what are those I see her holding – two boxes for me?

Please God, let it not be a pregnancy or STD.

My mind goes back to ten months ago; it’s no longer a pretty thought.

I should have waited ten seconds and put on the prophylactic I should have bought.


When the world turns dark and there’s nobody here,

Is it the Rapture? Why am I the only one here?

But we only just began, surely this couldn’t be the end,

There’s not even a German shepherd to my Will Smith – I AM not LEGEND.


When like Muhammad Ali after winning a bout, the world lifts me up,

With their praise and song, my name reaches the sky.

My arms are raised, I can see everyone else beneath me,

They are my subjects and I am their god, they need me.


When the world gives me titles I know I do not deserve,

Will I be humble and say “no” where necessary? Will I be a viral leader; excellent and exemplary.

Will you remind me God, that I am nothing on my own,

Remind me please, before I derail and lose all.


Teach me to revere and love you Lord.

Show me how to put you first in all that I do.

Bend my knees, close my eyes, lift my hands and show me even a glimpse of you.

Give me visions and dreams of where, when, how and what you’d have me do.


Why, do not leave me be to become a prey to the devil,

Let your mercy say no to my damnation, and this time I’ll be careful.

Help me live according to the blueprint you’ve laid down,

That my every action may please you and if not make you burst with ecstasy, at least make you smile.


Remind me, oh Light of the World, to give all back to you,

For after all said and done, ALL comes from you.

Remind me Dear God, why I need you daily.

Remind me please, I want to always think of you.


For I have come to learn that you love me even more than my friends and family put together,

This kind of love I know I’d never understand, not today, not ever.

My Father in Heaven, this is to you, all that I represent – all of me.

Lover of my Soul, this is to you, a humble plea that you remind me.

Author: AA Presley.

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