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Grow in Knowledge

“My people are destroyed because they have not learned. You were not willing to learn. So I am not willing to have you be My religious leader. Since you have forgotten the Law of your God, I also will forget your children.“- Hosea 4:6 (NLV)
Being ignorant of God’s word puts a limitation on the blessings inherent in it. It’s your calling as a child of God, to know Him and to press more into that knowledge of God which is precious. There can’t be any transformation or advancement without having the right knowledge infused into yourspirit man.  The bible says that “the entrance of the word gives light and understanding unto the simple.”

Ask yourself these questions, is the word of God in your mouth really as powerful as it is in the mouth of God? Can you use the word of God to create and build your desired world? And are your job, business, child, wife or husband, finances and so on all rooted in the word of God? Live a transformed life by growing in the knowledge of God. Do have a blessed day.

Confession: As the word became flesh and dwelled amongst men, so shall the words of God in my mouth manifest for me to see and experience in Jesus name.

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