Unlimiting God

God’s ways and abilities are limitless. But some of your choices and ways of life can either aid the fulfillment of His plans for you or destroy it. God longs to help you all the time. Here are a few more points that will aid the manifestations of God in your life:

Be sensitive to God. He is omnipotent, but you may miss out on His help if you are not sensitive to His presence.

If you want to engage and maximize God’s help, always follow His plan for your life.

Live in expectancy. Don’t be ashamed to be expectant, especially when it comes to the promises God has made to you because it is the gateway to receiving from Him.

Once you understand God’s heart, you will understand His will and walk in accordance to His desires for you.

Be intentional about winning. You cannot fulfil purpose by accident, you must be intentional.

Lastly, note that whatever you do this year, do not limit the hand of God.

Confessions: Every limit I have set in my  life through my mindsets, my decisions, my choices, I beat them today by submitting wholeheartedly to the will of God.  I win this year!

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