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The Real Beauty


So, I’m here on another Instagram check and I see this amazing beauty whose figure I’ve always wanted to have. It was the curvy figure 8, flat tummy; skin goals-melanin popping; edges laid perfectly, eye brows perfect; eye lashes long and nails perfect! Goodness, is she even real?! No imperfections whatsoever and of course it’s no surprise her pictures always get thousands of likes and comments! She is always popping!

I compare myself to her and I see so many imperfections – my not-so-flat stomach, the cellulite on my skin, the spots, my crappy hair and bulgy eyes. Little wonder I’ve been thinking of going for some surgery and enhancements once my Canada parole clicks. I mean, in this Naija, people will judge you for being unattractive, and still judge you if you try to do something about it.

It is no surprise that the bulk of a woman’s expenses are towards looking good – new hair styles, cosmetic surgeries, new clothing, new bags, shoes, hip pads, false eyelashes, false nails, false hair, false lips, bleached skin etc. You can see a woman looking so good, but when she takes off the false additions to her body; it seems like she is a totally different person. Some days, I am tempted to just quit social media because everybody seems so perfect, living their best lives and there’s so much beauty being displayed. As I went to bed that night, the Holy Spirit led me to open Proverbs 31 and broke down some things to me. These verses below are the areas where the Holy Spirit gave me a different perspective about beauty:

  • Verse 10: Being a virtuous woman is more than just slaying on the gram! Behind all the outer beauty, what virtue or values do you possess?
  • Verses 13,19, and 27: Being a virtuous woman is about being enterprising and not being lazy – what are you doing with what you’ve been given?
  • Verse 15: It’s about being early and taking charge – what can people trust you to handle?
  • Verse 20: It’s about giving and helping the needy – how many people are being blessed by your life?
  • Verse 26: Wisdom & kind words are in her mouth – equip yourself mentally & emotionally such that you can dish out wisdom and kind words.
  • Verse 30: Most importantly, it’s about having the fear of God in everything you do.

When next the world tries to sell you the ‘need’ for that beauty product/routine; please remember that what is inside is more important than what is outside, and these ‘needs’ will never end because human desires are insatiable. There will always be new stuff, new procedures and an unending cycle of beauty rules and what-not. However, being a woman of virtue with the fear of God and making sure not to lose your identity to the world; seeing yourself the way God sees you is more important.

It’s time for a new beginning, to see yourself in God’s mirror as his beloved child who He paid the ultimate price for and created in His image. Take off the lens of the world and quit allowing the polished seemingly-perfect things of social media make you depressed.

Start to see yourself using the same lens Gods uses to look at you (His beloved child) and allow Him to show you the true definition of beauty which comes from within.


Written by Ijeoma Ubabukoh

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Thank you IJ. This piece has blessed me.

This article took me so much back to memory lane. God bless you for this piece

The TRUTH!! and very nice write up.

Wow, this is one of the best articles I have read this year. Thanks Ijeoma, more God’s wisdom.

Moment of Truth!
⁩Thanks for this insighful and instructive piece.

We all need to redefine our own truth and see ourselves in the lens of divine beauty.

Thank you IJ for this beautiful message of God’s divine view on beauty.

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