That Log of Wood

‘Take away the dross from silver, and it will go to the silversmith for jewelry’__. – Proverbs 25:4 (NKJV)

To many, a log of wood is just a log of wood. But to a furniture maker, a log of wood represents a world of possibilities; ranging from kitchen cabinets, household furniture and so on. Your ability to create treasure with whatever you have is tied to your willingness to see treasure where others see trash. A lot of things in life, come in their unrefined state – raw, not as finished products as many would think! They would need to undergo a refining process to fully function. God’s best is in the processing and not the finishing, so discernment is required to recognise the potentials hidden in the logs of wood around you.

This season, find potential in every God-given opportunity presented to you. Build those potentials but more importantly, build a progressive relationship with God. He is still in the business of imparting His grace to discern His will for you so go ahead, ask Him today.

Have a wonderful day!

Confession: I have the grace to discern hidden treasures in my life as I walk with God daily.

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