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“Every place on which the sole of your foot treads shall be yours: from the wilderness and Lebanon, from the river, the River Euphrates, even to the Western Sea, shall be your territory.” Deuteronomy 11:24

Sometimes, when faced with problems, we find it difficult to stretch or come out of our comfort zones to solve the problems in our lives probably because we feel we don’t have the capacity to get them solved. A question to ask is this, ‘how does greatness emerge?’ Greatness doesn’t emerge by standing on the same spot, it begins when we search our hearts for God’s purpose, trust Him and take new territories. Remember Moses? He could have dwelt on his insecurities and remained in a place of stagnancy.

Thankfully, he took a step of faith in the God that was bigger than him and was the tool God used to deliver Israel. There’s a lot that God wants to do in our lives, but when we allow our hearts to be filled with anxiety, fear, bitterness, doubt, etc. we cannot incubate seeds of great thoughts.

True courage starts from believing in God and trusting that as an offspring of God you cannot fail! We have been created in the image of God for a beautiful purpose which we must fulfil. We have been called to take new territories, dominate them and do exploits just like God did to the earth. Shake off every fear, anxiety, and worry. God is leading you to your great destiny. Get out of yourcomfort zone and take new territories!

Confessions: I have a glorious destiny and I see beyond every problem I face in Jesus name

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