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No Longer Slaves

“You unravel me, with a melody, You surround me with a song
Of deliverance, from my enemies, Till all my fears have gone
I’m no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God”

No Longer Slaves – Bethel Music


 The first time I heard the song “No Longer slaves” by Bethel Music, I felt this spine-tingling, deeply satisfying and overwhelming sensation of peace and hope as the lyrics poured all over me. These feelings were not only as a result of the fine composition, the plaintive chord or the beautiful voice of the lead singer; it was the message that was captured in the song. The repeated affirmation of my status as God’s child by virtue of which I have been liberated from the shackles that bound me. I have gone on to listen to this beautiful song many times afterwards, yet it never loses its pristine freshness and relevance. It most certainly never will.

As humans who are faced daily with one worldly travail or the other, a popular coping mechanism we adopt is to find something to worship and unfortunately, we sometimes make the wrong choices. Some settle for their jobs, relationships, fame, appearance, acceptance, food, alcohol, etc. and quite naturally, the more we commit to fulfilling the limitless demands of these things, the more inextricably bound we are to them. No resource or time that is expended towards them ever seems to be enough and in a short period, a master/slavery relationship slowly and stealthily develops. Before we know it, we are slaves, working and exerting ourselves over that one thing.

For me, it was indecisiveness. By convincing myself that I was only trying to make the best decision in any given situation, I would expend so much energy overthinking my options to the extent that when I finally made one, there would hardly be any left to execute it. I wanted control and worried over anything that would not allow me some. But no matter how much I worried or dithered, it never helped the immediate situation. It took a long time to discover that at the heart of my constant indecision was fear; the fear of making the wrong choice or doing the wrong thing and failing as a result. In effect, I was a slave to fear!

My case was mild compared to what many have gone or continue to go through. Fear has destroyed relationships, careers and other things that are dear to people. If allowed to fester, it is capable of dominating and manipulating faith, thoughts and dreams. It can shatter marriages, careers, parenting and ministry, and has pushed many to the brink of depression and desperation. This is both unfortunate and ironic considering that God intends differently for us. 1 Timothy 4:12, says, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear”. He has delivered us over our enemies, He has delivered us over the obstacles that hinder us. He has given us the gifts of “power, love, and a sound mind.” When fear attempts to take over your thoughts and actions, He alone has placed a song of deliverance. “We’ve been liberated from our bondage. We’re the sons and the daughters, let us sing our freedom”.

I have since been separated from that which plagued me but it came through God’s help, self-introspection and realization. I have learnt to lean on God and acknowledge Him in my options, fully trusting Him to make the best decision for me (Proverbs 3:5 & 6). I will continue to testify about my victory over fear in the assuredness of my immutable status as God’s child. Thus, if you are bound in flesh and spirit to any weakness, I encourage you to do the same. I pray that His grace and deliverance take preeminence in your life. Irrespective of the influence of your background, social media and negative relationships, your status as God’s child is never in doubt. God’s love flows through your veins at all times. His reflection and glory shine continually upon you. Through his grace and acceptance of same, you are liberated from that which restrains you. You are no longer a slave to any vice. Galatians 5:1 says, “For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.” Do not return. Do not waver. You are free!

Written by Temitayo Ogunmokun







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