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Don’t Lose Your Drive


The excitement, the thrill…
The exclamation, loud shouts and screams…
That rush of adrenaline and positive vibes….

As the words echoed in his ears at the conference, every sentence made absolute sense; it felt like someone was reading a chapter from a book written about his life – from the past, to the present and even the future.

“Mehnnn!!! This is so me!” (Jide thought to himself)

Just like an infant clutching firmly at the mother’s breast for more milk, he placed his hand on his jaw, supporting the elbow with his knee and leaned forward to listen attentively to the speaker’s words. As he assimilates the information, it diffuses into his soul and sends a cold chill down his spine; he clenched his fists tight and bit his lower lip, now the tough Jide was almost in tears. In that moment, something hit him; a driving force that has awakened a fire in his spirit, igniting the passion, talent and gifts which had gone dormant. He gets an urgent desire to activate these talents, it’s time to awaken the giant within; immediately, he reaches for his Samsung tablet and starts typing. As he types, he smiles and takes a deep breath, while nodding his head (in affirmation to the speaker); he mutters to himself – “It’s time to build the life I’ve always dreamt of, nothing can stop me”. He wrote a list of things he will like to do after the conference and some goals he wanted to achieve for that year.

Just like Jide, we have all experienced a point in our lives when we felt motivated and encouraged to unleash our potentials, to pull down the bricks of impossibilities and work towards achieving our dreams. At this level, no Goliath can stop you; you decide to make a positive change in your life and do something with the words you have received.
But something happens…

You leave the venue of the seminar/conference/service, and forget the words you heard. At the point you heard it, it made sense and you were excited; but after all the thrills and chills, you lose the drive to achieve your goals and dump the words you heard.

The only limitation to how far you can go in life is yourself; don’t be like the man who plugged his phone to charge but forgot to turn the switch on. Many people desire success but remain in the same spot for over 10 years because they received a tool to propel them to the next level but failed to use it; others were too afraid to try while some tried but gave up too soon. I want to encourage you today to seek materials (books, tapes, seminars, magazines, videos, CDs) that will create a positive drive in you towards achieving your dreams. When you get these materials, USE THEM; don’t just get excited and lose your drive. Saturate your mind, body & soul with these materials so that anytime challenges strike, you will be fully equipped to jump over the obstacles and soar to greater heights. Most importantly, cut out the weeds around you (friends, addictions that distract you from your goals), these things are parasites, cut them off or they will cut you off from achieving your goals.

I believe you can be the best version of yourself if you determine to work towards it.
Have a productive week ahead.

Written by Lynda Omerekpe

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Comments (2)

Beautiful piece Lynda and well written.

God bless you Lynn for the timely masterpiece. I will continue to strive to drive and thrive. I’m unstoppable.

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