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The Maturity Challenge


-Written by Fisayo

Hi dear and there!

You may remember growing us as a child and you clearly hear your parents give you an instruction as they were heading out, but you pretend not to hear and find ways to dodge the responsibility. Unfortunately, no matter how many tricks you employ, that ignored instruction still came back to haunt you and you ended up carrying it out with added regrets as it deprived you of watching your favourite TV program. Even as adults, this could also be the case when your boss gives you an instruction and you keep procrastinating on carrying it out until it is needed and you end up rushing and more often than not, doing a mediocre job of/at it.

What is an instruction? Let’s ponder on the essence of an instruction.

An instruction is an order or a directive given by a person, usually a superior, to another. The reason why an instruction is given is because it is believed or assumed that the one to whom such instruction is given is capable of executing it. Think about it. Would you ask someone to handle things for you if you didn’t trust them enough or at least think they were to an extent capable? Even with our everyday life, you would not entrust your car with a bicycle mechanic now would you? Right, didn’t think so.

Sometimes, beyond trusting on a person’s capability, instructions are basically given to instill a skill in a person. Why do you think your mother made sure it was you who handled all the fixing and repair of the home appliances, or made sure it was you who looked after your siblings?

It’s the same way with God. When He gives us instructions, it is because He knows we are capable or have it within us if trained to be capable to deliver. So He’s asked you to take up that vacant volunteer position in church and you’re making a fuss or ignoring your pastor’s calls. Or He’s asked you to speak a word to your friends whom you have known all your life but you are hesitant because you do not want to be labelled ‘The Preacher wo/man’ aka Born Again.

This reminds me of a Bible character, I bet you already know which one, yes, the very same Mr. Jonah Amittai (See Jonah Chapter 1 Verse 1). Mr. Jonah was instructed by God to take a trip to Nineveh on evangelical missions, but alas! He ran away to Tarshish. The outcome of events that followed mellowed our brother Jonah into humility and submission to the instructions given to him. I dare say it even fueled his convictions and the passion with which he executed his instructions.

You know, we do not have to wait till God catches us in a corner. He is a loving God, He is the God of second chance, but let’s not take that for granted people. Remember is also a consuming fire. So let’s accept the maturity challenge and be more willing to listen and accept to do the instructions given to us by God for that one off huge project and in our everyday lives because not only are we rewarded for out labour of love, He also makes grace available for us! And the ultimate is that just like clay in the potter’s hands, they make us stronger and better Christians.

About Fisayo

Fisayo is pretty much a God-girl and a fan of good fiction, fashion and food. She is a solicitor by day and every other good thing 24/7.

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