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Keeping Fit in 2019 #SmashThemGoals


Research showed that during Christmas, people gained an average of 1.3pounds of extra weight. As 2018 drew to a close, many people – myself included – brazenly looked their #CleanEating, #FitFam goals square in the eyes and said, “We’re so done for the year. See you again in 2019”, with a promise to “pick up from where we left off”. Hands up if like me, you are trying to lose the weight you gained during the Christmas/New Year fanfare. I must give you kudos because you are off to a good start. Don’t panic if you do not know how to find your way back to your size six frame. Below are some real helpful tips to guide you in making a near-seamless transition:


1.)  Carry out an honest self-assessment:

“How fit am I?” is the first question you want to ask yourself. Take a look at your body in the mirror, look out for thigh, underarm, belly and you-name-it flaps, rolls and flabs. Step on that scale, brace yourself for the “shockers”. This is no attempt at making you do your own body shaming on yourself, by yourself. Doing this actually is the most honest attempt at getting yourself back on the “fit track”. To get to your destination, you first need to know where you are at the moment.


2.) Come up with a plan:

Knowing where you stand body/fitness-wise would help you to determine your fitness goals and what you need to do to achieve them. Now that you know where you stand, the next step to take would be to figure out what measures you need to adopt in order to get back in shape. Do you need to register at a gym or cut back on the carbs? Do you need to start walking/running, or join a fitness club? Make your plans and set realistic goals for yourself regardless of how tentative they might seem. Create a healthy living journal and outline your to-do list (in that journal) to serve as a guide. Just in case you are overwhelmed and have no idea what to do or how – and where – to begin, it’s okay to ask for help – preferably from a licensed professional.


3.) Get started!

The journey of a thousand miles they say, begins with a step. You have a plan drawn up, now it’s the time to take action. What comes after making a plan is working the plan. Take out unhealthy food from your store/fridge, and have them replaced with healthier options. Get your running shoes and fitness gear ready; sign up for and show up at gym/aerobic classes. It’s okay to start off with “baby steps”, but by all means do something! Your plan is your vision and you need to “run” with it (hehehe…pun intended). In getting started, bear in mind that little drops of water make the mighty ocean; so start slow and go steady. Don’t be too hard on yourself; it is impossible to shed all the excess weight in one workout session because Rome wasn’t built in a day. Begin with low intensity workouts with shorter reps; do them consistently for some time, then build up from there. Slow and steady wins the race


4.) Monitor your progress:

Having followed your plan, it is important to assess your progress as you go – preferably four to six weeks into your new healthy lifestyle for the first time, and thereafter, on a bi-monthly basis. This would help you appreciate your journey and determine if and/or when you are going to increase the intensity of your workout routine.

In conclusion I would like to leave these words with you; as long as you are making progress, no step is too small to take towards reaching your body goals. Remember, you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.


Written by:

Onyinyechi Norman-Roberts

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