Dear You,


If I tell you “let me be your motivation”, I’m only but a smooth talker.


Nobody is truly your motivation except YOURSELF.


You can sit through a thousand Ted talks and burn 20k on Motivational messages


And it won’t strike a flame of passion within you. Yes!


You can read hundreds of biographies


And sit through a counselling session with the best of the best


And your spark still won’t come alive.


Motivation is a thing of the mind.


Your mind is like a lone unlit candle


Waiting for you to strike a matchstick.


It’s like a bulb, waiting for you to flip the switch.


Only you can but that’s if you can recognize this strength and use it.


That’s if you can quit giving people the steering of your car.


Step up to your destiny.


Step up!


Take the reins.


The change you seek lies in your mind


In your willingness to get up and show up even when you don’t feel up to it.


You’ve got the power to do this.


Your mind powerful, so powerful.


It is waiting for you to flip the switch on.


Come on, go now and get that gold.


I’m rooting for you.


Love always



Written by: Uzoma Divine…





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