Walking with God

“Enoch walked with God and was no more because God had taken him”, Genesis 5:24. Every time I read this scripture, it amazes me. Here is a man whose only story is that he was born, married, had children and then disappeared just because he walked with God.

It seems to put a dent on what most people would call a success story. What happened to being the richest man ever, or the healthiest or like was popular in his days, the person who lived the longest? What was so important about Enoch that the author of the book of Genesis took out time to mention him? As a human, the first cool thing that hits me is that I found an avenue to escape from dying – and he was no more because God took him. However, I don’t think that was why his story was mentioned. I believe it had more to do with the first part, you know, that of “walking” with God. He had so walked with God that it really didn’t make sense keeping him any longer on earth.

I could almost imagine the relationship, that of a Creator with his favourite creation or maybe it was that of a father with his most trusted son, or a master with his most cherished servant. Whatever it was it was a very tight relationship that I believe in one of their walks God just took him home.

How wonderful that would be, having to walk in such close relationship with God, knowing His every thought. Trusting Him in everything. Loving Him at all times, good or bad. Being able to walk and live like Jesus admonished us to, “to love the Lord with all our hearts and with all our might”. I believe it is possible to live that way at least we have Enoch as an example and for us today as Christians we have the Holy Spirit to help us. So let’s go ahead and delight ourselves in the Lord. And as He promises, He will give us the desires of our heart!

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