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True feminity

Our Society places a high value on the physical beauty of women, but it does not understand all of the elements that make a woman truly beautiful.


Feminity is a quality of acting in a typically womanly, demeanor, girlish or feminine way. To be truly feminine your inner beauty must be positively nurtured.


Your Inner beauty is of high value, it is all encompassing in its glory.  I would personally define it as ‘the glory of beauty’, the sustaining attraction of beauty.


Women are all created with different features by the almighty God, black, white, short, tall .. the list goes on, but the   almighty creator has made inner beauty accessible to all.


Frequently sitting amidst ladies, other ladies walk pass, and I often hear whispers like; wow ‘she is beautiful or ugly’ but hang on readers, I always get to see something deeper in the midst of beauty and ugly – inner beauty and this is my undiluted definition of ‘beautiful’.


Looking good always is good business; the nails, hair, clothes, shoes etc but what happened to inner beauty? Is it neglected? Whether you like it or not your inner beauty positive or negative will keep manifesting physically. Physical beauty can be monitored and controlled but inner beauty tells the story of who you truly are ‘a mango tree will not produce coconuts’.


Esther’s inner beauty began to manifest the moment she arrived the palace; humble, decent, moderate, warm, loyal, wise, sensitive, virtuous, calm …and she won Hegai’s favor until she eventually became the Queen.


Ruth’s inner beauty kept manifesting even in the midst of hopelessness; God fearing, selfless, great character, calm, humble, respectful, diligent and she won Boaz and Naomi’s favor until she eventually married affluent Boaz.


These women had Poise; a dignified self-confidence or steadiness no matter what comes your way. If you have poise, you are cool under stress.


Studying the word of God gives wisdom and wisdom will make you poised and full of joy.


Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight. (1st Peter 3:3-4 NIV)



Gentle and quiet spirit; a truly beautiful woman is not in competition with men. When a woman has a gentle and quiet spirit, she is attractive to others and God.


Learn good posture, neatness, smile – it increases your face value, “you wouldn’t be needing a face lift”.  Greet even strangers, mannerism, learn when to say sorry, be enlightened (read godly books on etiquette.)


When someone walks into a room with their head held high, smiling, establishing eye contact and giving a firm handshake; you will immediately find them more beautiful than someone with perfect ‘features’ who doesn’t have that air.


A man can be temporarily attracted to a woman, but True Feminity makes him remain permanently attracted.



Instead of fretting about the wrinkles on your face, think about how you can be kinder and gentler.


When the internal is elevated and beautiful, it will show through to the external.


Diamonds are magnanimously beautiful ornaments but there is an ornament that far outweighs diamonds and it is of high value; your inner beauty. Nurture your inner beauty… SLAY hot.



Written by Husseina Haruna

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After reading this I now get what beauty really means and internal beauty is what I want”kinder and gentler

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