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I went to the market last weekend all covered up in an “abaya” (northern attire) and head scarf looking regal. When I passed through the crowd of Hausa men who sell gold and change money(bureau de change) in front of their shops; they all came after me “hajiya, do you want pounds or dollars?” Some of them were handing me their complimentary cards saying, “ hajiya,  we sell gold, wedding ring, necklace anything and we buy too”. This  was not my first time of passing through that section of the market; and all I ever get when I do all through is a regular stare with a “sister pounds or dollars”?.

As if the scenario with the bureau de change men was not enough; a lady who I usually buy lots of items from, allowed me to go with the items even though I had not paid her. I told her I needed to get money from the ATM; I said “madam I’ve not paid but you already gave my girl the items”. And she said “how much? You no fit run with that kind money na” .

I was wondering why everyone was acting super nice today; then it hit me – I was dressed like I’ve got a truck load of money in the bank (rich people don’t steal… what a nice stereotype).

This ultimately means that when you dress well, you exude confidence and even strangers notice it. In return, they give you respect, and with respect comes trust, these two go hand in hand. Whether you like it or not, the way we dress has a huge impact – not just on how people see you but how they treat you. As important as it is to invest in your inner self, it is also a huge plus to pay attention to the outer appearance. This is because your outward appearance is the most famous non-verbal communication in our world. It has the ability to either attract people to you which automatically improves your social interaction.

Here are some reasons you might want to take off that creased shirt and give it a good ironing before you step out the door.

  • Dressing up is a sign of good manners (Tom Ford )
  • People inherently trust you
  • Dressing well isn’t always about how people perceive you, but has a profound effect on how you see yourself
  • Looking good is a confidence booster, when you look good on the outside, you are more likely going to feel good on the inside
  • You attract the right kind of attention
  • Dressing well gives you a competitive edge, as people trust someone who can take good care of themselves better than someone who cannot, it might just be what you need when next you have to show up for that business meeting to pitch that brilliant idea of yours and get the deal closed.

So by all means SLAY (whatever that word means to you); always dress like you will want to be addressed. No sloppiness or over spending; find a right balance, but always go out looking like you care about yourself and the person you are going to meet or will be sitting next to.

Written by Vera Daudu

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