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This Is How We Overcome


We started our Accelerate Conference yesterday and this is an excerpt from Dr Mensa Otabil’s message:

“The day you decide to do something significant for God understand that you will face severe opposition from the enemy. All hell will break loose to resist you because satan understands that when a believer wants to do something great for God, it’s Christ manifested on earth. A believer that does nothing big for God will live a very normal, unopposed life- hence, an unaccomplished life. And the spirit of the antichrist wants the church and believers to be spiritual, but not fully manifested.

Have you ever wondered why the world feels uncomfortable when the church manifests excellence? It is because the spirit of the antichrist seeks to suppress the church. The devil wants to make sure that a believer does not manifest God in an extraordinary manner here on earth and empower people whose agendas are not of God. He is an accuser who accuses us to God, accuses God to us, and accuses us to our brethren to stir up confusion, discouragement and strife. You need to stop letting satan make you look down on yourself and talk you out of greatness. You need to stop living in a cycle of sin and forgiveness because God will forgive you anyway but continual sinful living is a waste of time and energy.

Child of God, end this matter with this: you overcome through Christ! He that is in you is greater than he in the world. Understand that you have power in the name of Jesus, through the blood of Jesus and by the words of your testimony. Believe that your prayers work and that God has no second class children. He does not need your prayers delivered by someone else; He hears YOU when you pray. So don’t announce defeat when you’re still in the battle. God’s plans for you are for victory and you are coming out victorious this second half of the year in Jesus name!”

You can listen to Dr Mensa Otabil’s full message on


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