The Steward’s Mentality

“Let a man so consider us, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God. Moreover, it is required in stewards that one be found faithful”…And what do you have that you did not receive? Now if you did indeed receive it, why do you boast as if you had not received it? – 1 Corinthians 4:1-2 & 7 (NKJV).

When something of value is entrusted into your hands, you become the custodian or steward of that thing. A steward is one who knows that all they are and all they have belongs to God. He is the source and instructor of the resources they have been given so they are not expected to act like they have not received it.  You are steward of the blessings and resources God has put in your hands.

Apostle Peter encourages you to share those gifts you have received with others. Bearing in mind that you must not look to them but to the God who gives them. This year, let yourself be an outlet God uses to accomplish His agenda and meet the needs of others, and you will not lack anything of any sort.

Have a wonderful week ahead.

Confession: I steward the heavenly gifts and resources given to me faithfully. I will not abuse these gifts but use them diligently.

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