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The Drink of Choice


The Drink of Choice

I love the taste of water; I can hardly drink anything else. Nothing quenches my thirst any better and it is almost impossible for me to eat a meal with anything else than water! Does this sound like you?

The truth is that description up there is totally ME, the fact that I drink a lot of water is not something I learned, it has always been this way. Soda makes me unnecessary full that I cannot enjoy a meal but water is just right. If this is natural to you, don’t worry, I have some tips for you to help with your water intake.

First off, I’m sure you want to know why it is important to drink water anyway; here are some of my favorites:

  1. Promotes great skin! Hydration keeps your skin plump and fresh and wards off wrinkles.
  2. Battles greed. Drinking a full glass of water before your meals prevents overindulgence at mealtimes. In fact, many times when you think you are hungry, it is actually water calling.
  3. Boosts your energy level. For me a good, tall, glass of water can wipe away any headache; it’s amazing!
  4. Helps prevent and cure diseases. From the common cold to hypertension, to cancer, to arthritis, to high cholesterol, you name it…
  5. Helps you cool down. Water regulates your body temperature especially in the hot and humid summer months.

After all your body is about 75% water.

There are many issues to get into when it comes to drinking water, we know all water is not created equal, should it be from the tap, bottled water, filtered and purified? As for me I just keep it simple – filtered water at work and filtered water at home. When outside I have to resort to bottled water, it’s just easier that way.

My advice is follow the rule of drinking 8 cups of water a day (from 8-ounce cups)

How do you drink more?

–          If you are sitting at a desk like at work where you spend 8 hours or more of your day. Invest in a water bottle with markings that show the volume/capacity of the container, helps you keep track of your intake.

–          If you don’t like the taste of water, try adding a slice of lemon/lime or be fancy and add slices of cucumber. It instantly changes the taste from water to something more exotic.

–          Decide your preferred water drinking temperature and stick to it. E.g. room temperature, ice cold or lukewarm.

Want a challenge? I challenge you to 7 days on only water and no other drink – coffee, tea, soda, sugary drinks, juice, or alcohol. At the end of 7 days please share how you feel. I feel a little sorry for the coffee drinkers who might feel withdrawal symptoms!

Efe Adefulu.

We love our writers here at TEC!

Efe is a talent of sorts with an insatiable appetite for knowledge. She loves listening to podcasts and creating unique works of art with her brilliant kids.

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