The Dream Job

You may not like it, but it is what you’re presented with; it is not exactly what you want but you don’t have any other choice. You wish things could be different; well… maybe soon but not at this moment. So, you huff and puff deep within; your mind wanders a little bit and you remember how many times you’ve tried and didn’t get a positive response. After much thought, you finally sign the dotted lines in the offer letter where your name appears.


It’s official, you got “a” job; but you’re not so excited because it is not “the dream job”.


Everyone has imagined that “dream job”; maybe even played out your first day at work; memorized the company’s vision and mission statement and the only missing piece is this dream becoming a reality. Then you wake up from that dream to a job that is not what you imagined.


So, this dream job… what constitutes a dream job?


Having a dream job is subjective. For some people, it could mean a big title, huge compensation and a great work-life balance. For others, it could be a fulfilling job, regardless of status or money – just an opportunity to serve; somewhere to go to every morning and be of help to people.


Many times, we get so carried away chasing the world’s dream job that we forget God’s dream job; the one that was handed over to us by Jesus. He did a fantastic job in his 33years of leadership as the company CEO. It wasn’t really his dream job at first; but with the mandate from the President, he said, not my will but thine. He made it “the dream job”, He served, gave all of himself, saved lives, changed the narratives, made impossibilities possible; disrupted the status-quo, established many innovations and left His footprints in the sands of time – so much that His works are still etched in our hearts thousand years later.


It’s not whether you get the dream job that matters, but how you do the job you get. After your tenure, would it be said that you served? Would your works be remembered? Are you serving with all your heart or merely giving eye service work? Are you really putting in your best at this job? How are you affecting lives with this role you’ve been given?


The demise of Chadwick Boseman shook the world last weekend; it was a heroic exit – a man who gave his very best to humanity while in his last moments. It was the fact that he didn’t make excuses due to his health; he didn’t shrug back and say this role is too hectic; he didn’t ask for sabbatical leave – he did the work and gave his best.


So, my question is – are you doing your best in your job? You don’t need to be a hero to everyone; start by being a hero to one person. In your own capacity, in your own corner – remember the baton Jesus passed on to you and I; don’t let it fall – you have a job to do. Make it “the dream job” – give it your best shot and print your name in the sands of time. Live to make a difference.




Written by: Lynda Ori

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Well articulated. Thank you Lynda!

This is deep! Work diligently at the Job God has put in my hands. Even my daily tasks should be in service to him. Phew! Thanks Lynda!

Insightful article.

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