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 The Case for Our Trials


(Exodus 18:8, 11 GW)

8 “Moses told his father-in-law everything the LORD had done to Pharaoh and the Egyptians for Israel, all the hardships they had had on the way, and how the LORD had saved them.”
11 “who treated Israel with contempt. Now I know that the LORD is greater than all other gods.”

Ah! What a magnificent testimony. Our God is greater than all others, we have evidence of this in our lives; so why keep it to yourself? Moses testified of his God-experience which caused a pagan priest to acknowledge the superiority of his God. Moses’ father-in-law was a man of many gods, a Midianite priest. What he had just heard was great enough to distinguish who was the greatest of all the gods he had knowledge of. Our testimony is one that speaks of our first-hand experience with such of his much deliverance.

Now all the travailing, misery, trials and hardship they (the Israelites) had just partaken of was for many purposes, one which was; effective testifying. God had promised them he will reveal himself to them as Yahweh (God of acts and great miracles: Exodus 6:3). The opposition was “seemingly” strong (Pharaoh’s hard heart and his pursuit in the wilderness) but the saving acts were mighty and timely. Viewing all the unplanned mishaps, all the seemingly unfavourable conditions we go through from this perspective helps us see their usefulness to our testimony. There will always be timely deliverance.

I can imagine that the best campaigner for any politician would be one who has had verifiable, personal experience with the said politician. Our trials should be seen as an opportunity to strengthen our campaign for, our testimony of our God; Yahweh.

Crispin is a farmer, the first of seven. He loves seclusion, reading, solving problems and music by Jesus Culture. David, Isaiah and Uzziah are his favourite biblical characters. He is inspired by Isaac Newton and Charles Capps.”

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