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TEC at 6 – Why I Love The Elevation Church

Being a member of a family usually gives one a sense of belonging; by family I don’t mean your biological family or people related by blood. I mean a group of people who share same vision, ideas and common goals; this could be a committee, group or association; but for me it is my church, The Elevation Church (TEC). I found a great family with an unfathomable love and deep sense of connection; a foundation of faith where greatness is made common.

While understanding that every church is unique in its mandate and churches (God’s people) are not perfect, I also know that a real church where “The Word” is preached reminds you of God’s abundant grace and love for you. This is how I feel as a member of TEC. As TEC celebrates its 6th anniversary, I am thrilled at the journey so far and grateful for the impact this family has made in my life. It’s been an awesome experience and I cannot help but share with the world why I love being a part of this family.

Here are 6 reasons why I love The Elevation Church:

  1. It’s always about Jesus: TEC puts Jesus at the centre, it has never been about what the congregation or the Pastors wants. Jesus is the agenda of our coming together and our eyes are always on Him!
  1. The word: the word is simplified to us through the great leaders at the church. We are taught the word undiluted word of God.
  1. There is progress and growth: The members are growing as the church itself is progressing. From a small facility in Onikan, to a bigger space in Oniru, Victoria Island and now to our very own Pistis Conference Centre which is much bigger and better; also the mainland church has moved into our own facility. We have made tremendous progress in a space of 6 years! Glory be to God.
  1. A caring heart: My church has also been a part of many charitable causes because we are committed to helping the poor and improving the lives of communities in Nigeria. Through our elevate200 outreach, we have impacted the less privileged in our communities. The members are not left out as our connect groups have been designed to meet the spiritual/material needs of members by bringing individuals of common interest together.
  1. The people: The humility, friendliness and simplicity of members are some of the most beautiful things about my church. This is why my church feels like a family under God.
  1. The leadership: Leadership is highly important in a church because leaders influence the congregation. I have the privilege of learning from Spirit-filled leaders that truly lead by example.

There are some wonderful people who have become my brothers and sisters in this unique family and share the same view with me. In celebrating the 6th anniversary of The Elevation Church, this is what they have to say –

Matthew – I’m irresistibly in love with TEC cos I keep finding a balance on how life ought to be lived to the fullest: being heaven-bound and living a life of purpose, bliss, impact, influence, and relevance on the earth. TEC feels like home in every way: free-spirited and caring folks, generous and selfless chaps, someone out there always ready to lend you listening ears, role models in their number, and so on.

Lynda – I love the Elevation Church because of the way the word is taught, it seeps into your bone marrow and touches the very depth of your soul. TEC helps people find their purpose and position them on the path of success by making sure you are not only developed spiritually, but your skills and talents are also harnessed to help you excel in your career and business.

Charles – I love TEC because I saw love, honesty and humility; they care about their people. Elevation is very organized. They do things sequentially and in order. The Elevation Church (TEC) is a Church made in heaven. It respects the principles of God, cares about its people, is heaven conscious and has structures that would surely guarantee growth and progress through its watchword of Excellence

Maggie – I love TEC for many reasons – TEC gave me the opportunity to rediscover myself and also SERVE for the first time ever in my life. The WORD is on point and the atmosphere is WARM. From the head pastor to all the supporting pastors, all I see is OPENNESS; they are willing to bring you close like they knew u before. There’s no CAMOUFLAGE about all the leaders, the SMILES are genuine. TEC is a great place to be and I pray that they’ll continue to make greatness common.

Seun – I always had a problem connecting in church so I kept changing churches, looking for where to connect. After a while, I quit going to church totally and for 3 years I sat on my couch watching TV on Sundays. After the umpteenth invitation to the Elevation Church by colleagues, friends and neighbours, I heeded the call. When I heard Pastor Godman preach, his humility and down-to-earth style resonated with me and it felt good to finally hear someone who was not afraid to be ‘human’ and talk about the challenges of daily life and relationships. Since then, I have not had doubts about which church to attend.

Bukola – I love TEC because it’s a church where I live exactly as if it’s all about God. I pray that the Pastors and all the leaders will continue to stay in tune with the Holy-Spirit.

Fisayo – Bored with religious routine in my family church, I needed somewhere that gave me the feel of what I experienced at student campus fellowship in the University. While in Law School, a friend invited me to TEC for midweek service and I felt a connection. I love the balance of simplicity yet depth. I love the feeling like I’m up in Heaven even if I’m right here on earth. TEC for me is an evidence of God’s grace and favour.

Kosi – I love TEC because it allows you to express who you are (no forming or pretence). I love the fact that there is a structure in place so people know what to do, when and how to do it; this takes away chaos and stagnation. I love the humility of the pastors and the people. TEC is a great family to belong to.

Oyindamola – I love TEC because it’s REAL – real pastors and real people. I love the simplicity and accountability of the Pastors, the depth and practicality of the Word, as well as the blend of Spirituality and Excellence.  I have met a lot of humble and pleasant people in TEC. More importantly, I belong to the BESTEST Connect Group ever! This is the first ‘large’ church I belong to that feels closely knit. What’s not to love?

I would love to hear from you! Tell me why you love your church.

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