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Succeeding In Times of Recession

It is a global phenomenon in the world as at today how popular the word “RECESSION” has crept into the economy of different nations and even our dear nation has not been spared. It has subtly entered into our sub-consciousness and has become the major factor for decision making even in the lives of Christians. Many homes, businesses and organizations have been affected; downsizing has become the order of the day while many families and individuals are licking the pains and wounds it has inflicted on them.

With all the chaos going on, there is a new dimension which Christians need to critically explore. It is a prophetic dimension directed by the Holy Spirit for us to paddle our lives and destinies by being sensitive to divine instructions. By locating the right people and place needed for divine supplies to meet our needs at this critical time instead of struggling with the worldly systems and trying to survive.

The ministry of Elijah became more prominent because of the widow of Zarephath. Though many widows were in Israel at the time, he was only sent to the widow of Zarephath. It would have been a wasted effort if he had tried to meet all the needs of the widows in Israel. It is not by getting engaged in many activities in this recession that will break you through rather it is the precise target which heaven has ordained for your lifting and your success. With the case of the widow and Elijah, there was a specific instruction even the description of person and the location. 1 Kings 17:8-9, Luke 4:26.

The person signifies those who are desperately in need of what you carry. This person(s) is your audience! People who will appreciate your calling, gifts, products or services. And, the location is where you are ordained to carry out your assignment. It is your destined place of manifestation! These people are waiting for you in that place and with the help of the Holy Spirit, you will meet them and you will succeed even in this season of ‘recession’.

By Tishbite

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