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Speak the Word

So I absolutely love this song from Tina Campbell (half of the music duo, MaryMary) and her husband Teddy Campbell called, ‘Speak the Word’ from her first solo endeavour. For me, it’s a reflection of how powerful the Word of God really is and how we don’t speak of it enough. We’re so stuck thinking about traffic, the children, school, boyfriends/girlfriends, what car he/she is driving, or what we look like, that we don’t even realize the power that we have in Jesus.

We’ve become so consumed and albeit dependent on technology, that the important has become just another passing phase in the technological window. Now don’t get me wrong, technology isn’t bad. What is bad, is the fact that a brother or sister you know is broke but still begs people to send him/her money in order to keep up with the Joneses, instead of looking for other means of livelihood. Truth is, that lady/guy has misplaced priorities but one thing I’ve discovered is when I’m in doubt, the word of God, helps me put a lot of things into perspective.

For example, if you are broke, the Word of God can fix it. If you need help with an addiction, the Word can fix it. If you need direction with the children or spouse (or both), the Lord is their official 24/7 Days a week nanny, wife/husband and friend! Now I’ll admit that sometimes reading the word of God with coloured lens can seem like you’re reading a great story and at other times you may not be able to relate to it. Like an old and successful marriage, the key is to work at keeping the word of God evergreen in your heart and whether we like to admit it or not, that takes some work. But it is not impossible to achieve.

Start by reading a Psalm a day. That’s how I started reading the Bible and it was eassssyyy. You can also subscribe and follow a daily devotional, a twitter page or posts from a respected Christian Instagrammer (what? A girl can make up words, can’t she?). Whatever you do, read the word, believe it, receive it! And Speak the Word!

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