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Social Media Evangelism Seminar

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While it’s fine to engage with fun content on social media, have you ever wondered how you can use it as a tool to push the message of salvation? We are called to be witnesses of Jesus in every space, and social media is not excluded.

So how do you do it? This course will guide you on how you can maximize your social media influence and use it as a tool for outreach.


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    I would like to be mentored in ministry.

    calvary greeting to you all. Pls can this class be done online and what is the cost?


    Dear tai,

    So happy to hear from you!

    Ok… here’s what we can do, can you contact for enquiries? I am pretty sure they will take your feedback into consideration and try an online one. However, please know that all classes are FREE! Absolutely free!!

    Have a wonderful day!

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