Meekness in Leadership   

Moses listened to his father-in-law and did everything he said – Exodus 18:24 (NIV)


Power without control is as dangerous as a car without a functional brake. Leadership is not just a position – it is motion that requires caution. Moses, despite his exceptional relationship with God, was renowned for his meekness. He was wise enough to listen to the counsel of Jethro (his father-in-law and also an unbeliever) to set rulers over the people instead of doing the work alone.


Ignorance and arrogance have made a lot of leaders lose influence and impact, wearing themselves out in the process. Are you open to counsel and contrary views from others? Jesus saw the leadership potential in fishermen and tax collectors, and he took advantage of this foresight. He came down to their level, asked for their assistance and was able to work with them. What matters most how you are able to get wisdom when needed, regardless of the source. Be meek enough to get the best from everyone around you irrespective of their status.


Confession: I receive grace to be meek so that I can see the value in everyone in my circle of influence.


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