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Loving is Hard! Or is it?


Loving is hard! Or is it?

Exhibit A: Me!

Mission: Practice loving others as we are commanded to do in 1 Corinthians 13. I picked Patience. Lord knows I need some of this in my life; I’ll practice this for one week.


Day 1: Things started off great, I prayed and pleaded with God to help me as I learn to show love by being patient with people. I’m happy and positive, and optimistic at this point. The day goes well, I let people go ahead of me as I commute to work, I usually have the attitude of yes, a determined driver – ‘outta my way slow pokes, hawkers and old buses, here comes the determined driver, outta my way!’ But no, I was patient and not grumpy or jumpy when buses stopped all of a sudden to pick up passengers- ‘why here, why now, why right in front of me, where are your brake lights? Can you move faster? Ah!’  Such were the thoughts that invaded my head in the past.

Day 2: My ever pleasant co-worker stops by my desk for some idle chat, oh no, I’m busy, no time for idle chats! I usually type away and look at my computer while he speaks, I nod every now and then as if to say, “hurry up, I need to get back to work”. But I realize that some people need this connection, so I am patient, I oblige and listen to every word he says, trust me it was not that easy, but there, I loved him!

Day 3 and 4: Hmmm, I was beginning to get testy, these particular days seemed like as if I totally took off my shield of faith and allowed the daggers and flaming arrows of the devil  to pierce right through me. Oh no. Not good! I got impatient with Mr. B (husband) and if you know how spousal relationship is, this has to be nipped rather quickly, but no, I fought, I argued, I screamed, I kicked (okay, not literally lol!). And then the plumbing in the kitchen went crazy almost on cue; I had to get the plumbers to work on it for two days. Really this devil and his tricks, trying to get us more upset, he is not nice I tell ya! So I had to pull myself away, reflect, pray, listen to some love messages and remember that this was not good at all. Thank God for his grace.

Day 5 – 7: The remaining days were easier, I press on and love others, I am happy.

What did I learn?

I have to purposely act in love; God’s grace is there for this. It’s totally necessary to continually love others, that way we are ministering to them, blessing their lives, and it becomes part of our nature. Also I know that if I do not love then I am blocking God’s blessings from being manifested in me.

Efe Adefule

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