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…heralding the second coming of Christ

Thieves usually don’t inform their victims before their arrival. Instead, they always prefer to act when no one is expecting them. In the same manner, the Master said to us that like a thief in the night, so also He will come for His own, when no one is expectant.


You can only do one thing to prevent a thief from catching you unawares and this is by preparing yourself adequately at all times, bracing up and being at constant alert. This consciousness was exactly what the Master intended to pass across. He wanted us to get ourselves prepared always by living a life full of faith and actively carrying out His commandments. Jesus replied the disciples of John the Baptist when they came to ask Him this question; ‘Are you the Messiah or is there still another Christ we should be expecting?’ He asked them to go report to John the Baptist what they heard and saw i.e His works. (Matthew 11:3-6)


Many are still asking this same question till today despite seeing the obvious signs staring at them in the face. There is no need to wait for the second coming of Jesus because the Bible already admonishes us to be at alert for the unexpected arrival of our Lord. Why wait? The coming of Jesus is not something to wait for. Rather it is something to be prepared for whilst we go about our everyday lives as Christians. We should continue to live righteously and purposely to please God until He returns, which is our ultimate joy and hope to be reconciled with Him. Instead of waiting in fear, we should anticipate His coming in faith, hope and love. Live in love. Perfect love casts out fear hence there is no room for fear to exist. We only fear when our conscience knows we are in the wrong. Keep doing all good works with a singleness of purpose which is to bring glory to the name of the Lord. Jesus didn’t wait for John to confirm His identity. He kept on doing the works of He that sent Him. He kept on healing, opening the blinded eyes, restoring lives and doing all undeniable works of salvation. A lot of Christians today sometimes say they are waiting for the second coming of Jesus Christ not knowing that to “wait” means to occupy till I (Jesus) come (s). It is a call to watch and to pray. The story of the ten virgins will serve as a reminder to know that it is not enough to sit and wait. Waiting without oil in our lamps is a waste of the gift of time which is also termed as foolishness. Wisdom tells us that it is extremely essential to be prepared just like a bride prepares for the Bridegroom. Your choices and actions at this critical time will determine whether you are actually ready to go with the Bridegroom to the place where He has prepared for you.


Are you waiting or occupying till He comes again? He said when I come will I still find faith on the earth?  He was saying will I still see the works of faith on the earth? Will I still see men actively carrying out my commandments or passively docile, sleeping while the enemy creeps in? Like a thief in the night, He will show up but those who watch and pray and stay prepared will not be caught unawares. It is highly necessary to be vigilant especially at this time when we can see the obvious signs of the end. It is pertinent that we are not carried away by the pleasures of the world which are only temporary, shallow and have no eternal value. Many incidents of war and calamities are happening around the world already and these all go on to confirm what the scriptures tagged as happening of the end of the world. In the midst of a perverse and ruthless generation, we as Christians must strive to race till the end because our works are the fight of faith and those who overcome are the ones whom the Master will celebrate at the end.


If the Lord were to come this minute, will He still find faith in you?  Will you be taken with Him? You alone can answer this in all honesty. Redeem the time.


While we long for His coming, let’s come strongly to pull down the works of the enemy in this end times. The enemy has vowed to kill and to destroy, we must also vow to bring alive, to restore and destroy the all works of the enemy.


As we all expect His second coming, let’s watch in purpose, fulfilling destines, doing the works of Him that sent us while it is still day because He will come like a thief in the night. Don’t be found sleeping.


By Tishbite


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