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Let Him.



  • He wants to hold your hands
  • He wants to open your eyes
  • He wants to lead your feet
  • But why do you struggle with this?
  • How naïve of you to think you know what’s best
  • When you are merely a speck amongst all the rest
  • Yes, a speck you are but SPECKial you are
  • To the One who loves you, me, and every living being

Reading this Book is enlightening
Especially when it goes past the stories to actually reflecting on what’s real
Getting to really feel AND know the meaning behind the Words
Realizing that this is not simply history

It’s His-story, the one He wants you and me to know and live

Waiting patiently for that voice
The now familiar voice
No longer do I think – are these my thoughts or is this your speak?
I take the step anyway
For there is nothing to lose

For those times when
I lied and called it harmless
I said yes instead of no
I said no instead of yes
I was hurt but did not really forgive
I saw what they had and wished it all for me, enviously
For all the times I did not act like the real me, the one You said I am
Now I ask, forgive me of all this mess

Sometimes it feels like there are long periods of time when God doesn’t do anything. But when his timing is right, everything can come together in an instant. Wait, be patient.


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