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How to Get God’s Ears!


The moment I understood that prayer is simply talking to God I was unleashed. I began to feel God was actually beside me, like literally within earshot and I took full advantage of this revelation. I began to engage him in all kinds of conversations from what to wear, to talking about my crush or toasters to dealing with bad habits and loving difficult colleagues. I’d bring even my concerns about Nigeria to his table, I’d bug him at wee hours of night with family or money issues pointing out his promises to me in the word. On some days I pull him into the toilet at work if I have to cry over something or get clarity real quick over an issue. Sometimes I’d even yell at him in frustration when my well laid plans collapse like a pack of cards.

But there times I feel like my prayers are amateur-ish particularly when I hear a pastor or fellow Christian lead prayer sessions with such fantastic display of scriptures, use of the English language and intonations. It’s captivating to listen and I’m so sure God will be impressed and charged to take action on their behalf. I find myself feeling like perhaps I need to go to prayer school or something.

But over the years I have learned that with God, it’s the heart counts. If you can spin your preferred language and make your prayers into poetry that will make the psalms of David look like child’s play, by all means do, but make sure it’s from your heart. If you choose to speak simple plain words to God from your heart or raise your voice like a warrior stirring for battle, his ears are open to you too. When you talk to God speak from your heart and you have His ears.”

Don’t worry about having the right words; worry more about having the right heart. It’s not eloquence He seeks, just honesty.”

Max Lucado

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