He is not Dead, He’s Sleeping!

“Then He said, ‘our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep, but now I will go and wake him up’.” –  John 11:11 NLT.

Your perception about happenings around you is quite critical to the outcome of those happenings. What you choose to see, believe and perceive is very vital. As a Christian, even in the midst of uncertainty, you have to make a conscious effort to choose to see possibilities and favourable results when faced with difficulty.

You need to be bold and courageous and arm yourself with faith being assured that you will overcome any and every situation that seems hopeless and dead. Remember, Jesus stated that Lazarus was asleep, not dead. Yes, he was in the morgue but he chose to speak words of faith which turned the situation around before he got to the morgue and called Lazarus forth. What are you calling forth? Your words shape your world. Make it a habit to call forth victory, grace, strength, divine ability and all that Christ has promised you. When you do, no situation is permitted to remain the same.

Confession: No situation around me is hopeless. Anything dead around me receives the resurrection power of Christ and comes to life.

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