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Gen 13:14-15;

“And the lord said to Abram after that Lot was separated from him,

lift up now thine eyes and look from where though art northward

and southward and eastward and westward: For all the land which thou seest,

to thee will I give it and to thy seed for ever.


The bible is filled with different account of ordinary men and women that God used to wrought prolific things that impacted greatly on their nation and generations after. God has a global agenda and he makes all things work together for his purpose. Therefore God expects us as his children to think in line with His purpose. Everything God commits to us is an opportunity to impact our generation by manifesting His many sided wisdom to the world. It is therefore important for us as Gods children to see how we can impact our world positively beyond our immediate environment.

The opening scripture is a reflection of Gods intention and what He expects from His children. He gave Abraham a ‘blank cheque’ but Abram still needed to play a part in cashing the cheque. God told him to look from where he was (look from where thou art). The word “look” in this context is from an interesting Hebrew word ‘ra a’ which can also mean “vision” or “think”. So the extent of Abraham’s possession was dependent on how far he could see in his mind. This applies to us as seeds of Abraham through Christ. Every idea, every business God has given us has a potential for global impact; therefore we need to see the bigger picture before we can bring it to reality. It does not matter where we are, our status, the circumstances that surrounds us and how much it conflicts with the size of our vision; we only need to do exactly what God instructed Abraham to do, to “look from where thou art”.

The God we serve is big and mighty and loves to see things grow; He said we should not despise the days of little beginings. It doesn’t matter how small or local our beginning is there is room for growth. A global mind-set is an excellent mind-set and an excellent mind-set is product of cultivating a habit of excellence in everything you do. As a matter of fact, the clearer and bigger the vision; the more we are motivated to pursue it. All the land that God promised Abraham and his descendants were not vacant when they got there, there were inhabitants they had to fight and conquer in other to take possession of their inheritance. You may not be among the a top players in your area of business but you can aspire to be the top player starting from where you are. Its time to enlarge our tents, God is counting on us to spread the fragrance of his glory to the ends of the earth.

Isaiah 60:3 says “Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising. This means God has given us keys to the nations (local and global); so do not limit yourself by thinking small.

Written by Segun Noels

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