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Financial Management Class

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Debt is one thing that believers find difficult to speak about and to handle. Budgeting and planning sometimes pose a threat to a prosperous lifestyle.

Knowing when to give and when to save can be the cause of sleepless nights. How do we find the balance between being generous and liberal and being stingy? This 4-week course affords believers the opportunity to understand the principles of debt management and proper financial planning. Industry experts will provide professional guidance for Christians to come out of debt and live debt free, whilst still giving

Study Guide: Parable of Dollars by Sam Adeyemi

Comments (8)

I’d like to know when this course will start. Thank you.

Hello Busola,

Which of the courses will you be interested in? However, all courses have started since last week Thursday.

Please i will like to know when this course will start.

Hello Deborah, thank you so much for indicating interest in one of our schools. However, the Financial Management course you indicated interest in has been concluded for the year. You can still send a mail to to get your name on the list for the next class.

Please what are the requirements for Financial management class.

Hi, I will love to join this course, how do I enroll,what are the requirements and when will this course begin?.

Calvary greetings.
Please I like to see the senior pastor, pst. Godman for counseling and it is important. When is counseling and how to reach him is my challenge right now since I don’t know much about the ministry and I reside in Benin City.
Hope to hear from you,
Pst. Ambrose.

Adewale Rafiu Ayinde

I am interested in the business courses, kindly notify me of the next stream. Thank you.

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