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Something remarkable happened in Argentina in 2012; something beyond human imagination and far above medical comprehension. It was a MIRACLE.

An Argentine woman Analía Bouter, gave birth to a “stillborn” baby but found her alive in a hospital morgue 12 hours after doctors pronounced the infant dead. She insisted on seeing the body of her daughter, born three months prematurely, to say goodbye to her properly. The baby was taken directly to the morgue after being declared dead, but Mrs Bouter found her breathing in one of the morgue’s drawers. She told the media that she thought she was hallucinating when she opened the tiny coffin and found the infant still breathing. She said the baby let out a whimper as if she was waking up from a nap.

Mrs Bouter said doctors told her that “nobody knows how she could have survived 12 hours in a refrigerated room.” Her husband, who had already taken steps to obtain a death certificate, had asked to see his daughter before she was taken to the morgue, but doctors told him the drawer had already been shut and that he would have to wait.

A morgue worker quickly picked up the girl and confirmed she was alive. Then, Mrs Bouter’s brother grabbed the baby and ran to the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit, shouting for help. The baby was so cold, Mrs Bouter said, that “it was like carrying a bottle of ice.” The young couple named their daughter Luz Milagro, which translates as Light Miracle.

While reminiscing on this event, I thought this could be an encouragement to someone. When life seems shaky and unstable, when you feel like all hope is lost, when there’s nowhere else to go, when you can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel…DON’T PANIC, GOD is working behind the scenes. Different parts of this story encouraged me and i want to share them with you:

The baby was born three months prematurely: when God is on your case, HE doesn’t look at your age or level in life. You may think you’re under-qualified for that job, or too small to make an impact in your world. Don’t limit God with your thoughts, He can turn the tiniest seed into a mighty tree and He’s on your case right now so expect greater miracles.

Nobody knows how the baby survived 12 hours in a refrigerator: This got me thinking; even a full grown adult may not have survived 10 hours in a refrigerator. During that trying period, God sustained you and provided even in difficult times. Now your miracle has come; it will surely blow minds and people who hear it will tremble because it will be beyond what the human mind can fathom.

She insisted on seeing the body of her daughter to say goodbye properly: No matter what people tell you to discourage you, refuse to allow negative talks stop you from pressing on. Stand firm on your faith and hold on to the word of God.

Many media sites and TV stations carried the news worldwide: your success story will be spread abroad and the world will know that God has done it again. When God does something in your life, it will be open for the world to see and all the glory will be ascribed to Him. He will show you off to the world. Genesis 12: 2 “And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you [with abundant increase of favours]and make your name famous and distinguished, and you will be a blessing [dispensing good to others].” (AMP)

So my dearest, RELAX…God is in perfect control. Your miracle is on the way, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. So prepare to share your testimonies because your miracle is closer than you think.

I hope you were encouraged.

Written by Lynda Omerekpe

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