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Activating Your Faith for Miracles

Activating Your Faith for Miracles

Fisayo Talabi

To Anne, no one really told her about the ‘hard’ part of giving her life to Christ. She had only heard about the many miracles Jesus would do in her life and how all the negatives would turn around to positives. She heard about how her sins would be forgiven and voila! She would be brand new with no blemish. She readily gave her life to Christ and surrendered it all at the feet of the Master. Few months later, the dreadful recession hit her company and her boss did not think twice before laying off staff. She was pretty good at her job but that did not qualify as a ‘Passover’ for her. On Friday, she had left the office feeling blessed and singing worship songs to God. And then on Monday, she arrived early in her usual manner, only to receive the shock of her life. Her boss called her into his office and after much explanation, asked her to tender her resignation – it was the least kind act he could offer her. As a new Christian, the next step was to pray about it and trust God for one of those many miracles. She applied for new jobs and many months after, she was still flipping through newspaper pages and job sites. The miracle had not happened.

Faith, she had heard it many times in church and even preached it to others. She asked God for a higher paying job and prayed towards this. More months passed and no job came. Gradually she started to lower her standards and expectations. Maybe She was asking too much of God. Maybe she did not have the right to ask God for certain kinds of high grade miracles just yet. After all she was still a baby Christian. A job came quite alright and it was three times less than her old job but she accepted it.

In a few weeks, one of the clients at Anne’s old job who had heard about her resignation made enquires on hiring her but discovered that she had found something else. He then hired her colleague who was also laid off and this job paid four times more than her old job.

When Jesus said mountains can be moved by a little faith, He was not kidding. There is nothing too big to put one’s faith to and there is nothing impossible with God. The mistake we sometimes make is the fear that we are asking for too much. And so, we try to respect ourselves and find our level. Perhaps, this could be why we continue to remain at one stage in life for so long, despite religious routines. If our desires aren’t God’s will, He will say no. Where to draw the line between the voice of God and our lack of faith is the leading of the Holy Spirit. Let us not confuse our lack and faith, perseverance and patience with a default excuse of, “maybe it is not the will of God.” Put away all forms of fear and believe God without limitation, that’s how we grow our faith.

We deserve good things and have the right to ask our Father for them, because every good and perfect gift comes from Him.

In conclusion, do not think there are special or V.I.P miracles for certain classes of people or that the urgency to God’s response has to do with the length of time you have been born again. Exercise your faith, put your trust in God and ask for His will to be done in your life.

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