About TEC Prison Outreaches

Bringing a message of Hope and Restoration!

In our clime today, the quality of prison reform is very poor and not conducive. Congestion constitutes a major problem, creating a negative effect on the welfare of the inmates in the Nigeria prisons. This is being attributed to poor administration of criminal justice in Nigeria. Consequently, the prison has failed to achieve its major role of rehabilitation and reformation of inmates but rather the scenario has been that of dehumanizing situation and hardening of the inmates. This has resulted in exposing the inmates to improper health conditions, claimed the lives of some inmates and put enormous pressure on prison infrastructure.

We believe that everyone no matter their past deserves a new lease on life. The gospel is a message of hope and we believe it is our mandate to spread this message. We believe that we should give everyone the hope for restoration and a second chance.

Through our prisons outreach, whilst showing love and making the name of Jesus famous through preaching the gospel, we provide medical interventions to those incarcerated, skill-acquisition training. We have been able to bring hope to hundreds and give them hope to start life again. We believe that no-one is beyond redemption and we are committed to ensuring that no-one wastes his life in regret. Do you want to take the gospel to the imprisoned, why don’t you click on the button below and help spread this message of restoration!