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The Driving Force


“People have motives and thoughts of which they are unaware”
Albert Ellis

Motive is simply the reason for doing something, the why behind our actions, the trigger and prompter behind our every move. Our motive can be right or wrong which adversely affects our actions. Sometimes we make a bold step like a career move, change of location, getting married etc. but behind these steps lies our motive. When our motive is not right we end up regretting our actions.

Motive sometimes acts like our conscience which keeps us in check. Our actions should be backed up with the right motive. One should not go through life, make a decision without having the right motive. What is our motive in giving? When I give to the Lord or to someone, I ask – why am I giving? Am I giving because I am blessed? Am I giving because I want something in return? Do I give without an ulterior motive? Am I giving to make an impression? If I pass through fire will I still give? If I have or don’t have in abundance will I still give?

What is the motive behind the proposal you dropped at work? Is it simply to show your superior you are smart? To outshine a colleague who you view as a rival? Or is it simply to contribute your quota to the growth of the organisation? One of the ways to put our motive in check is by paying attention, examining and re-evaluating them.

Anything and everything is achievable when you have a motive. Motive keeps you going. It forges you ahead. I remember vividly when I was considering pursuing a postgraduate degree. My motive was to boost my employability first of all and for personal development. I viewed a year as eternity. But with the right motive a year passed by quickly, forgot the hassle, sacrifices and after sometime I thought of what next to do to develop myself.

As human beings we may do things with the wrong motives but communication with the Father refreshes our mind and motive because our mind is not fixated on our personal thoughts and the pressures we are going through. Sometime back I had a huge expectation about an aunt who I had to live with for a couple of months for the first time. I thought she would do things the way my immediate family does. When my expectation was not met, I put her way of life up for discussion with my immediate family members. Later on I felt bad about my action because I realised that might change their perception about her. The truth is we never had the same background or upbringing so why expect she will act in a certain way. I questioned my motive and I was sorry about my action.

Motive cuts across every action, every human and all spheres of life. In leadership, if individuals have the right motive which might be to truly make a change, such leaders will truly make a change. The positive effect might not be palpable immediately but gradually the change is seen. However if an individual is leading with the wrong motive then things will only get worse. A lot of times I think the world is where it is because we are doing things with the wrong motive.

At the end of it all, no matter how beautiful, kind and rewarding our actions are, we are judged by the motive behind those actions. Men see your actions but our creator takes a critical look at those actions through the motive behind it. Whatever you do, ensure it is backed up by the right motive. Don’t take why you do what you do for granted.

“Actions are visible, though motives are secret”.
Samuel Johnson

~~~ Bolutife Ore-Dawodu

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