TECi was designed to produce leaders and workers

TECi is a 3-month training experience designed to inspire and equip you for passionate service to God through the ministry of TEC and beyond. You will learn about our structure as a church and the biblical insights that make us do things the way we do them. You will also be trained on practical life skills like communication, problem solving, leadership, personal effectiveness and so on.

TECi Ground Rules

This course is mandatory for all intending workers who have completed TEC Membership Class

All participants are expected to by in class by 8am. Participants will not be allowed into the class after 8:15am

All participants must be ready to join TEC workforce. No TECi student will be graduated without having joined a unit during the course of their training.

Online registration is compulsory

Below are the requirements for graduation;

  • Attendance of all classes for all 6 courses
  • Score of 70% and above for all 6 courses
  • Assimilation into a unit before the final course

TECi Registration

TEC Institute is an exciting journey of becoming a true TEC minister who clearly understands who we are as a church and what we stand for.
You will be equipped with competencies that will make you more effective as a worker and in life.


100 Level

Spiritual Maturity and Understanding Your Ministry Calling


200 Level

TEC and You (Our values)


300 Level

TEC Systems


400 Level

Leadership and Personal Effectiveness


500 Level

Effective Communication and Service Behavior


600 Level

Effective Stewardship

Frequently Asked Questions

If you require any further information, please send an email to teci@elevationng.org.

TEC Institute was designed to produce leaders and workers who;

  • Clearly understand and live TEC’s values
  • Possess the competencies required to serve others effectively.
  • Have capacity to lead task executions and work with others to achieve team objectives.

This is important for us as a church to further increase our capacity to deliver on our mandate of making greatness common.

Development School had 4 classes; Membership, Maturity, Ministry and Mission Classes. However, with the introduction of TECI, only Membership Class will remain. The other 3 classes have been incorporated into the 6 courses of TECi.

An intending participant must have completed TEC Membership Class. They must also be willing to join TEC workforce before the end of their training program.

8am-9:30am first, second, third and fourth Saturdays of every month except Jan and Dec

1st and 3rd Saturdays for fresh classes

2nd and 4th Saturdays for the continuation of (2) above respectively.

TECi comprises of 6 courses. Each course is completed over 2 classes (2 Saturdays each month) except course 600 which has only one class.

  • All the classes are prerequisites of each other. 100 level must be completed before 200 and so on. Also, the 1st Class must be completed before the 2nd Class of any module.
  • If you miss the 1st Class, please DO NOT attend the 2nd class. Instead, wait for the following month to start your module from the 1st Class.
  • If you miss the 2nd Class, please DO NOT attend the 1st class of next module. Instead, attend the 2nd Class that was missed before moving to the next module.
  • Any attendance not in line with above rule will be treated as null and void.

If it’s a physical class 8:15am is the markup time kindly avoid coming late

For the online classes you may have to retake the class if you do not meet the criteria for time spent in class.

For the physical classes there will be a 20question exam after class 1&2 per level.

For the LMS classes you will answer quizzes after each batch of class per level.

For the Zoom classes there will be polls after each class per level.

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