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Software Installation


Software is a program that enables a computer to perform a specific task as opposed to the physical components of the system (hardware).

And yes, I might take a guess.. Someone might be thinking right now, this narrative though… No, it is not an Information Technology class. Then what?! … lol.

There are different types of Software but I will specifically share with us ‘EVP Software Installation.’ This Software is a program that enables a Human perform specific task as opposed to the Human’s current condition. This Software will be installed in the Human brain. Ride with me as we briefly journey into EVP.

EEngage your mind, it is a set of cognitive faculties; including perception, thinking, judgment, it holds the power of imagination.
VVision, it can conceive.
P Picture, is a representation.

When you have EVP installed in your brain, the sky cannot be your limit, and I feel very warm and safe to further say you are unlimited. Greatness begins in the mind, engage your mind. Pause to think for a second, who are you? Do you know you have the free will to think and imagine that you are Great or small? It is a choice. But hang on for a second, it is pertinent to know that your choice hence becomes a programmed installation in your brain. Do you know you systematically visualize your choice? Just like arithmetically, 1+1 will always equal 2. Even the Holy Book agrees with this equation. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”.

Kindly note, whatever you visualize consistently, you will begin to see a clear picture of that thing in your mind; it is only a matter of consistency. Why choose small! Do you know you were programed to rule, dominate and subdue even before you were conceived in your mothers womb? Picture greatness, muddle with pictures of greatness, have fun, post pictures, take a look at it everyday until it consumes you. You will be spurred.

What is that desire, dream, business, project you intend to achieve? Yes, you might not have the capital to start today but you have EVP, START INSTALLATION ALREADY!

I am honestly not a fan of wishful thinking but I am certainly a fan of wishful possibility.

Whoever thought planes will fly high up in the sky?
Whoever thought there will be space flights?
Whoever thought a ‘Black man’ will one day reign at the ‘White House’?
Whoever imagined a Black American could someday become an English Royalty?

For conciseness’ sake I will stop at these few true-life realities.

EVP Software Installation, it is not costly but choicy. Choose Greatness today.

Written by: Husseina Haruna

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