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Mission Possible Series: To Samaria with Love


We have been learning from our series (Mission Possible) on how to reach out and preach to those around us; our families, siblings, friends, neighbours, associates, co-workers and so on (these are the people in our Jerusalem and Judea) but after we have done all of that, what next? In Acts 1:8, there is a progression; from Jerusalem, to Judea, to Samaria and to the outermost part of the earth. We all have places, areas and people we don’t like to reach out and preach to. So my question to you is where is your Samaria? We have heard of the story of the good Samarian, who stopped and helped the man that was helpless. The Good Samaritan crossed more than just a road; he crossed historical, cultural and racial devices. Is it possible that in our lives, we have kept some boundaries around us? In John 4:4 the bible talks about Jesus on the way to Galilee but He must go through Samaria? Why did the bible use the word ‘must’? Why did the bible emphasise by using the word must? I think Jesus was trying to teach us a lesson because in those days, the Jews don’t have anything to do with the Samarians but Jesus chooses to go through Samaria. Is it possible that in your life, you have set some boundaries around you that has coloured your perspective in the way you relate with people and limited your ability in the things you are supposed to do? Or limited your ability to witness to souls? There might be some people that you don’t want to reach out and preach to but remember that Jesus said that after we have conquered Jerusalem and Judea, what’s next is Samaria and to the outermost part of the world. In 2nd Timothy 1:7 the word of God said “…but God has not given us the spirit of fear but of love and sound mind”. When we allude that scripture to Act 1:8, we realise that the same spirit that is not a spirit of fear is the same spirit that is of love that we need to have to witness. Could it be that fear has lucked or limited you from reaching out to the people of your Samaria? So what does the power that we have received from Christ do for us?

What are these abilities that Christ has given unto us to witness to the people in our Samaria?

  1. The Power of Attractive Life: if the power of God has not worked in your life, it cannot work outside of you. Are you allowing the power of God that is at work in you to find expression? Is your life really shinning the light of God? For light is attractive and it promises clarity, warmth and safety. Are you bold enough to share your testimony? If truly you are the light of the world, let your light shine, illuminate your environment and illuminate your Samaria. One way that you can talk about this power that is at work inside you is to be able to communicate aright i.e. have the power of good communication. We should understand that sometimes, the language we use could be a barrier to how the power of God affects the people in our Samaria Acts 26:24.
  2. The Power of Love: love is the foundation, the reason why you and I are still here today. Jesus left his glory in heaven and chooses to die for us. Every soul count; Jesus broke tradition and went through Samaria and spoke to a woman who had issues of life. Will you for love sake, reach out to the people in your Samaria? Loving people genuinely will propel us to speak to them about Christ. Note that ALL men are created by God, so do not look down on any race, gender, age, group or religion because EVERYONE is gospel worthy John 3:16. Don’t assume that anyone is too far gone in sin to be useful of God. Will you be willing to stop just for a day and speak to that person with love in your heart and see them as a person that Jesus died for?

Lastly, for the people in the outermost part of the world that we cannot reach, we can start by sending our prayers first. There are people in the remote part of the world that you and I cannot access but are doing the work of the kingdom, can we go on our knees and pray for those people? We must reach the nations through global missions and prayer is the fastest way. You can also fund the gospel; using your financial resources to work for the gospel of Christ Luke 8:1-3. We can also leverage on the power of technology and begin to reach out to all those that are lost. Above all, the compulsion of Christ in our heart is what will help us to speak the gospel Romans 10:14–15. We have received power, and the power is meant to help us become witness. Be the carrier of joy today, step out and shine your light and let the power of God find expression in your life. . I pray that God will help us in Jesus Name!