Understanding the Ministry of the Holy Spirit.

As our Lord, Jesus Christ wrapped up His ministry on earth, He made a solemn promise to His disciples (the 12 and all others who would subsequently come into the knowledge of His saving grace), that He would not leave them (us) on their (our) own, even though His death would lead to physical separation, His Father would send the Advocate – the Holy Spirit to teach them (us) everything, remind them (us) of all Christ’s teachings, and give them (us) the power and help they (we) need to fulfill God’s purpose – to be a witness of Him (Christ) to the world around us.

God’s word for The Elevation Church family for this year is GREATER, you may wonder, how is that possible during the volatility, uncertainty, complexities, and ambiguities we face in our world today? You are not alone; Christ’s disciples must have had questions about how to take the gospel to “the uttermost part of the earth” when Christ gave that mandate post-resurrection.

The answer to their question, and your question today is the Holy Spirit. It is the infilling of the Holy Spirit that gives us the courage, boldness, confidence, insight, ability, and authority we need to access the greater grace and strength required to fulfill God’s greater calling, have greater influence, and brings greater glory to God’s name.

Just as the infilling of the Early Church led to the revolution of the world, God desires to work in us by His Spirit to revolutionize the 21st century world. He wants to do greater things in our world today, and He is counting on YOU! God’s promise of the Holy Spirit is not selective, and it is not optional, to fulfill God’s mandate for GREATER this year, we need the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

Join our Holy Ghost Baptism class to:

  1. learn about the person of Holy Spirit,
  2. learn about the purpose of the Holy Spirit,
  3. learn about the power of the Holy Spirit, and
  4. be endured the baptism of the Holy Spirit.