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Courses Summary

In His final analysis of creation, God accesses his work, and considers it to be very good (suitable, pleasant) and He approved it completely.

In the Health & Healing School, we explore the believer’s right to good health and divine healing conferred by the work of our LORD Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary. At the end of the school session, we expect every participant to understand:

  1. Their place in God,
  2. How to claim their rights to divine health,
  3. Lay hold on God’s healing power through faith, and
  4. Exercise authority over any type of sickness or disease in their bodies or in any other body.

A user manual for a washing machine is very critical to a first-time user because the manufacturer provides the user with the appropriate understanding of the purpose (function or use) and power (time saving value, among other values) of the washing machine.

In our School of the Word, engaging the Bible – Part 1, we take participants on a journey to understand:

  1. The origin, reliability and authenticity of the word
  2. The how and important of studying the Word

Understanding or mastering our emotions can be both troubling, frustrating, and untrustworthy. Scientists have tried severally to investigate or explain the origins of emotions; but emotions are as complex and complicated, mysterious, and mystifying as the quest to find their origins.

In this course, participants will learn how to:

  1. Rejoice in every circumstance and be thankful for all things at any place and anytime,
  2. Rind peace and serenity in fearful and difficult times,
  3. Rain strength, courage, and wisdom to take Spirit-inspired steps in the face of uncertainty and live victoriously, even when living is hard, and
  4. Real with negative emotions

The only perfect and secure place the entire galaxy is in the presence of our God, and the only way to get into His presence and stay in His presence is through our WORSHIP.

In our School of Worship, we explore the true meaning of worship from the scriptures, with the objective of helping every participant to gain the understanding required to build a lifestyle of consistent worship. So, join this class to:

  1. Learn about worship as homage or grateful submission to God,
  2. Learn about worship as service to others,
  3. Learn about worship as reverence or respect for God,
  4. Learn about the worship in the New Testament.

“Leadership is the act of influencing/serving others out of Christ’s interest in their lives, so they accomplish God’s purpose for and through them, “According to Bill Lawrence, president of Leader Formation International.

In this course, we take leaders through a series to expose them to the qualities and character of a Spirit-Filled and Spirit-Led leader by exploring the following topics:

  1. The Holy Spirit: the leader’s partner
  2. The Anointing: the leader, the empowerment, and the commission
  3. The Function: the leader and the people

All through the bible, we will find examples of men and women of God who manifested unimaginable things by reason of their ability to discern and follow God’s will per time.

In this course, we take participants through a journey to understand:

  1. Why all believers need to be led by the Holy Spirit,
  2. How to submit to the leading of the Holy Spirit,
  3. What to look out for when testing the spirits (1 John 4:1-3, KJV)

As our Lord, Jesus Christ wrapped up His ministry on earth, He made a solemn promise to His disciples (the 12 and all others who would subsequently come into the knowledge of His saving grace), that He would not leave them (us) on their (our) own, even though His death would lead to physical separation, His Father would send the Advocate – the Holy Spirit to teach them (us) everything, remind them (us) of all Christ’s teachings, and give them (us) the power and help  they (we) need to fulfill God’s purpose – to be a witness of Him (Christ) to the world around us.

Join our Holy Ghost Baptism class to:

  1. Learn about the person of Holy Spirit,
  2. Learn about the purpose of the Holy Spirit,
  3. Learn about the power of the Holy Spirit, and
  4. Be endured the baptism of the Holy Spirit.